Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide
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Holiday Gift Guide

Secret Santa sign-ups have started already, and for some people, that’s tough because they just don’t know what to buy their intended and they don’t want to be lame and just buy one of the things on their persons list. So, what do you do? You check out some gift guides and you make some educated guesses and you get the person a cool gift or two from one of the gift guides and you hope that you did enough covert research to truly nail it! Or you do like my co-workers do and just buy booze! But for those of you that don’t punk out and take the booze route, here’s the start of the Holiday Buying Gift Guide.

Golfer's Gifts

Cigar Minder Clip

For all the Golfer’s on your holiday list, I’ve got an assortment of gifts for you. Every golfer needs something to hold their cigar while they take their shot. We’ve got three options for you in that department. There’s the budget minded Cigar Minder, which is like a Giant Chip Clip with a sort of hair-bow butterfly clip built on top for cradling your cigar comfortably. You can also stand it on it’s end on the ground if playing a walking round.

small travel humidor for cigars

The next product I have for you is a small travel humidor made just for golfers. It's big enough to hold a few cigars and has an outer pocket to hold your cutter and lighter as well.

Get-A-Grip Cigar Clip

Then, there’s one other way to clip your cigar to the golf cart that you shouldn’t miss out on and it is the Get-A-Grip Cigar Clip. It’s a double-ended cigar clip that has a high-tension clip to clip to the cart and a lower tension, slightly weighted clip to always hold your cigar horizontally. All 3 of these products are priced between $6.20 and $14.95, making them perfect for stocking stuffers or a great addition to other golf-themed gifts this holiday season.

Smoking Den Gifts

Stinky Ashtray Sets for Cigars

Looking for a gift for your cigar smoker that isn’t necessarily the active type or just wants to fancy up the smoking den? Yup, the Ninja has got you covered there too. We’ve got some great Stinky Ashtray Sets that features three different sized ashtrays. Included in each set is 1 – Original 4-Cigar Stinky Ashtray , 1 – Personal Cigar Stinky Ashtray and 1 – Stinky Cigar Car Ashtray that sits in the cup holder of your car. These sets are a deeply discounted 59% savings below MSRP at $34.95, making them a great supplemental or Secret Santa gift for the smoker on your list.

Cigar Burner Tabletop Lighter by Alec Bradley

Perhaps, ashtrays abound and you’re looking for some cool fire instead for the smoking den. Suffice it to say, I’ve got a product for that also. The Burner Tabletop Lighter by Alec Bradley is one of the coolest lighters we’ve ever used to light our cigars. It looks like one of those Bunsen burners you used in high school chem class to light s#@t on fire; and who doesn’t want to do that again? Priced at $35.95 these add an element of awesome to your smoking den that is simply unparalleled.

Vertigo Big Daddy Cigar Cutter

For some time now, you, our customers have been asking us to bring into stock, lower-priced cutters and lighters that still get the job done adequately, but that won’t bust the budget. You know which ones we’re talking about; the ones they bring to the cigar shop to let their buddies use and not have to worry about whether it gets walked off with; or the ones they keep in the garage, golf bag, car, kitchen junk drawer; and rely on to use as a solid back up to their trusty favorite when they can’t find it or leave the house without it. Or maybe you know someone that is just starting out in cigar smoking and you want to set them up right without spending a fortune. The Vertigo Big Daddy Cutter and Hornet Quad Torch Lighter or Renegade Quad Torch Lighter are just the answer for those situations. One of the things that make this cutter live up to its name is that the Vertigo Big Daddy Cutter will cut cigars up to 80 ring-gauge in size; more than adequately handling just about any cigar on the market these days.

Quad Torch Lighters

Quad Torch Lighters

You’d be hard pressed to find 4-Torch flame lighters for less than $15. However, the Hornet and Renegade Quad Torch Lighters are great values priced at $9.95 and $11.95 respectively, and they get the job done time and time again in our in-house testing. All three of these items make great stocking stuffers or add them to a 5-pack of cigars from our Five-Pack Feeding Frenzy section for a complete gift.

Miscellaneous Gifts

Zippo lighter

You say, but Ninja, I must buy gifts for my office Secret Santa and no one there smokes cigars and I still don’t know what to get them. Maybe they’re a cigarette smoker and they would enjoy a Zippo lighter. We carry those too. We have a wide variety of Zippo products including the torch insert for Zippo cases should you happen to like that signature Zippo flicking sound. I highly recommend the Zippo All in One Gift Kit . The reason I recommend this kit is that you get a Zippo lighter, Zippo Lighter fluid, and a case of extra Zippo flints for your lighter, all for $14.95.

Xikar 744 Cigar Cut Knife

The other gift I recommend in this case is the Xikar 744 Cigar Cut Knife. While it’s designed to work as a cigar cutting knife, the consensus is that it isn’t the best tool for that, but that as small pocketknives go, it’s fantastic. And I can’t think of anyone that can’t use a small pocketknife, especially with the number of Amazon Prime boxes that arrive at my house these days.

I know, I too, am still in disbelief that Monday was Halloween, despite my dressing up for the occasion for the first time in my adult life. My friends and I took their kids trick or treating and while all had a great time, the adults couldn’t help but notice how much had changed since we were kids. I’ll spare you all the details and of my waxing poetic with the nostalgia of days gone by. Of silly string battles and shaving cream fights, of toilet paper in the trees, and yes, even eggs tossed at our friends, our enemies, and some strangers homes. But that all seemed to be missing this year. Hopefully, that sense of fun and adventure will be back among our neighborhoods next year. Minus the eggs… cleaning those up is never fun.

Yet, now it is time to look to the holidays ahead, for on the morning that this post will be published, most of us will fall backward and lose an hour. Here in North America, this will mean darker mornings and darker nights, colder weather, and for many that also means shorter cigars and retreating indoors for smoke breaks if we're lucky enough to be able to. For those of you for whom that is not the case, my deepest sympathies and my invitation to smoke with me in Southeast Florida. Until next time, folks, happy smoking!

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Michael 6 years ago at 3:51 PM
Mc Loven that Xikar 744 Cigar Cut Knife On my must get list .
I think you's did a stellar Job thew that crazy storm , still got my orders you gals dint skip a beat .

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