Age Verification

Age Verification FAQ

Why does verify my age?

Tobacco products are intended only for adult consumers. Therefore, we utilize a non-affiliated, third party company called Veratad Technologies, LLC.

How does Veratad Technologies' Age Verification process work?

Veratad's age verification service is called AgeMatch. AgeMatch compares billions of public records from multiple trusted data sources; and based on personal information you've submitted, uses these references to verify and validate your age. By accessing these public records, Veratad can validate the information you've provided - and when necessary, present you with a series of multiple choice personal questions based on what are called "out of wallet" historical facts to ensure your identity. These are non-credit related pieces of information about you that would typically not be found in your wallet if it was lost or stolen; instead, they're obtained almost instantly by scanning billions of public records from trusted data sources containing information relevant to you.

Is the information I provide to & Veratad secure?

Yes. The AgeMatch service is designed specifically to validate and protect your identity, while processing your online transaction with the highest level of consumer privacy. Veratad ensures safe delivery of the information you provide online in three ways: first, AgeMatch uses secure, 256-bit encryption to protect your data; second, Veratad does not store your sensitive personal information. Lastly, Veratad does not share or sell any data with other third parties. These steps are taken to ensure your sensitive personal information is safe from being accessed by unauthorized parties.

What happens if I cannot be verified by the AgeMatch process?

If Veratad can't verify your age and/or identity, it's likely because there's a limited amount of publicly available information in the age verification databases. We expect that this would only affect a very small number of customers, and apologize in advance for any delays this may cause you. If you're one of these customers, we'll simply try to call and email you to verify your age. This process generally requires producing a copy of your driver's license, or another form of government-issued ID, to verify your date of birth.

I live outside of the U.S. Can I be age-verified?

Veratad AgeMatch is based exclusively on U.S. records and therefore verification of customers outside the U.S. is unavailable, unless you are using a military address outside the U.S. Customers living in all other countries will be reviewed manually.

How do I contact you regarding my verification?

You can easily reach us via phone at 1-800-913-0433 or email us at


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