Cigar Place International Shipping

International Cigar Shipping Policies

  • If a package is lost, damaged or seized by customs, the customer assumes all responsibility.

  • Our international shipping partner is the US Postal Service.

  • We offer 3 classes of international mail service to meet your shipping needs. USPS Priority Mail International, USPS Priority Mail Express and USPS First Class Mail International for packages that weigh 4 pounds or less.

  • International orders ship on the 2nd or 3rd business day after your order is placed.

  • Shipping rates are set by the US Postal Service and are based on shipping class, weight and destination country.

  • USPS First Class Mail International offers only Proof of Shipment and not package tracking. If you need package tracking please choose USPS Priority Mail or USPS Priority Mail Express shipping.

  • Some orders may be subject to credit card verification before shipping.

  • We have no control over currency exchange rate changes during order processing or shipments. Refunds are processed for the value paid in USD at the time of purchase. We cannot offer additional compensation due to changes in currency value or additional bank fees. 


Do you ship cigars internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide. Please review our International Shipping policies below before placing your international order so that there is no confusion.


What customs declaration do you use for international cigar orders?

We declare all packages shipping internationally as their true contents and purchase value. Many countries regulate tobacco imports, so we advise checking into the regulations for your specific country prior to placing your order.


We are not responsible for any additional duty, taxes, tariffs, or fees levied.

Customers whose packages are returned to us for any reason may be re-shipped at the customer's request and expense.

Packages that are returned to us due to refusal to pay assessed customs duties will be subject to a restocking fee of 20% of the order value if a refund is requested. Items are only eligible for a refund if they return in good condition.

Please use our Shopping Cart Shipping Calculator to determine the estimated shipping costs for the products you wish to order. Shipping costs are only an estimate of the total shipping charges for international orders. Once your order has been boxed and prepared for shipping we will refund you for any overpaid shipping. Rarely do we ever need to charge an additional shipping fee, but it does happen occasionally.

How much do my cigars weigh?

We include the product weight in the Additional Information section found on each cigar. It is important to note that weights for "Boxes" of cigars do also include the weight of the cigar box as well. For net tobacco weight, we recommend checking the single cigar's noted weight & multiplying it by the number of sticks included in a box. 


Why is First Class International Mail not showing as a shipping option for my order?

As you may already be aware, our shipping charge calculator system is based on the estimated weight of your package. First Class Mail International has a maximum weight limit of 4 pounds per package. As such, your package must be shipped as either a Priority Mail or Express Mail package or we suggest splitting your items into multiple smaller orders that would then meet the requirements for First Class Mail International packages. 


When will my order ship? 

Due to the paperwork and extra steps involved in processing international orders, we take 2-3 business days to prepare and ship ALL international orders. We strive to ship all orders in 2 business days, but due to order volume and holidays, this may not always be possible. In those cases, orders will ship on the 3rd business day. Also, any additional shipping instructions, including but not limited to removing cigars from their boxes, packing them in padded mailers instead of boxes, or splitting orders into multiple shipments, are all subject to additional processing time.

If Your Order Is Placed On

Your Order Will Ship On


Wednesday or Thursday


Thursday or Friday


Friday or Monday


Monday or Tuesday


Tuesday or Wednesday


Tuesday or Wednesday


Tuesday or Wednesday


When Will My Order Arrive? 

We ship packages using the United States Postal Service. They offer 3 options for shipping. 
They are First Class Mail International, Priority Mail International, and Express Mail International. First Class International mail is only for packages of up to 4 pounds. The following table breaks down those shipping options for you.

Shipping Method

Transit Time*


Express Mail

2-3 Weeks


Priority Mail (4+ pounds)

3-4 Weeks


1st Class Mail (1-4 pounds)

Varies, Up to Several Weeks

Proof of Shipment Only

: This is NOT the amount of time it will take for your package to get to you. This only estimates how long it will take for your package to reach your country's customs. Customs clearance may take several days to several weeks depending on a large number of factors. First Class Mail will often take 2-6 weeks to reach its destination but it may take even longer than that depending on where you live.

**TRACKING: First-Class Mail packages are usually only scanned at the local post office when they begin their journey to you. First Class Mail "Tracking" Numbers DO NOT provide you with package tracking. They are meant only to show Proof of Shipment and in some instances Proof of Delivery. In most countries, information on your package will not be updated again until AFTER your package has reached you. Some packages may take a long time to reach you but rarely are they ever actually lost. If you want detailed tracking information on your packages, Priority or Express Mail are the options you'll need to choose.


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