A Guide To Cigar Wrappers: Habano

A Guide To Cigar Wrappers: Habano
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Out of the many parts and techniques that make a good cigar, the wrapper is considered one of the most important. With an immense impact on the flavor, smell, and price of a cigar, a good wrapper can make a huge difference in how you enjoy your experience. In this article, we'll understand the well-known Habano wrapper, which has become quite popular in recent decades. So, let's get into it.

Habano Cigar Wrapper

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The name Habano comes from the Cuban-seed tobacco plant from which the wrapper is made. This wrapper leaf consists of two strains which were both developed as hybrids from the Corojo leaf, which is also a popular cigar wrapper. Thus, as a solution to solve the various diseases that affected the Corojo, both the Habano and Habano 2000 were developed and gradually gained success. By the 1990s, they had traveled out of Cuba and are now most commonly grown in regions of Ecuador and Nicaragua.

In terms of flavor, the Habano is known for its spicy and rich notes, which are enjoyable by many cigar enthusiasts. In addition to this, a chocolate hint is also noted, which often supplements many unique cigar flavors and fillers for an exemplary experience. Moreover, with a dark color that adds to the intensity of the cigar itself, the Habano wrapper is one that many can enjoy.

Although as these wrappers are produced in both Ecuador and Nicaragua, there are some distinct differences between the two types made. To get a better understanding, let's see how these strains differ.

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Types of Habano Wrappers (Location)


Primarily grown by the respected Oliva family, Ecuador Habano has been around since 2001 and is known to be stellar in quality. With more than two decades of experience behind them, these Habano wrappers are used in a plethora of cigars. Mainly, thanks to cloud cover and sporadic sunlight, the leaves tend to have the right amount of thickness and texture for cigars.


On the other end of the spectrum, Nicaraguan Habano is much less popular but is known more so for its intense flavor. Often seen on high-rated cigars such as the Alec Bradley Nica Puro, this type of Habano wrapper is strong and bold, making for a flavorful smoking experience.

Popular Habano Cigars

To get an idea of how it works with different flavors and fillers, here are some cigars that use Habano wrappers.

Cain Habanocain habano cigars

A full-bodied cigar known for its Nicaraguan Habano wrapper, this is a great way to get a lot of flavor in every puff. The Cain Habano has all-Nicaraguan binders that work with the wrapper to provide solid flavors and bold scents. Buy this cigar.

Rocky Patel The Edge Habano

rocky patel the edge habano cigarsWhether it's the wrapper, fillers, or even the binder, this cigar features it all from Nicaragua. With a full-bodied profile having been aged for 5 years, it is able to accentuate the wrapper and provide complex aromas. In terms of flavors, the Habano works well with the Nicaraguan binders to produce hints of fig, black cherries, and cocoa, all with earthy notes. So, the Rocky Patel The Edge Habano is a top option if you want to make the most of a Habano wrapper. Buy this cigar.

San Cristobal Quintessence

san-cristobal-quintessence cigars

One of the highest-rated cigars in the past few years, the San Cristobal Quintessence is a true testament to the Habano wrapper's excellence. Unlike the others on this list, the Quintessence uses the Ecuadorian Habano, which adds to the savory tasting notes within this cigar. Most notably, with Garcia family binders, you can smell the coffee, cocoa, and cedar en masse within this beautiful cigar. Buy this cigar.

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