A Guide To Cigar Wrappers: Rosado

A Guide To Cigar Wrappers: Rosado
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Rosado Cigars

free cigar shippingWith so many unique and interchangeable parts/features to a cigar, getting the perfect match is truly an art to be mastered. That being said, out of the long list consisting of tobacco, region, shape, etc., one of the most prominent is the wrapper. Specifically, making a significant impact on the flavor, color, and more, the wrapper can determine your cigar's personality and also its price. In this post, we'll be going over the fairly modern Rosado Cigars.

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Introduction to Rosado Cigars

Translated from the Spanish term "rose-colored," Rosado is a term used to describe a type of cigar wrapper with a reddish tint. The wrapper has gained popularity quite recently and, while still being uncommon in the overall cigar market, is beginning to create an impact.

Specifically, being a Cuban-seed wrapper, the Rosado wrapper was initiated out of Cuba and gradually increased in global brands. This shift was initially quite tricky as the wrapper is very difficult to grow outside of certain regions in Cuba. That being said, thanks to its rich flavor and unique hue that is appealing to a significant crowd, many foreign brands have begun incorporating the wrapper.

In terms of its flavor, Rosado cigars are known to be very spicy, with prominent notes of pepper, coffee, and cedar. To get a better understanding of the Rosado wrapper and the flavors it is able to encompass, let's go over some of the most popular Rosado cigars.

List of Rosado Cigars

Fonseca by My Father

One of the most prominent Rosado cigars, My Father Fonseca is a medium-full variant made by the Garcia Family. The cigar features an oily red Corojo Rosado wrapper which has a prominent shade that is a testament to the Rosado wrapper's reputation. This wrapper covers premium Nicaraguan long-fillers, which give it a leather and cocoa hint of flavor. Combining this with the wrapper, you get a mic of cocoa, leather, coffee, and even some remnants of nuttiness. The cigar is available in four shapes, Belicoso, Gordo, Robusto, and Toro. Buy Fonseca cigars.

Fonseca by My Father

Cabañas Robusto

Cabañas Robusto

In recent years, resurrecting classic Cuban cigar brands has seemed to be somewhat of a trend, and with Cabanas Robusto, we have what could be one of the best yet. The cigar world went crazy when Jose "Don" Pepin Garcia and his team at My Father Cigars re-created the famed Fonseca brand. Well, fast forward a couple years and here they are again, this time putting their name on one of the oldest and most celebrated Cuban heritage brands. Cabanas is a project between Jose and his son, Jaime. As Don Pepin described in a press release, "Jaime and I wanted to pay tribute to the oldest Cuban brand, Cabanas, by interpreting our vision of the traditional Cuban flavors and aromas, using interesting tobaccos grown in Nicaragua from selected original Cuban seeds." And that they did, incorporating a delicious blend of Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, double binders from Esteli and Jalapa, and a gorgeous Habano Rosado wrapper. Each cigar is rolled in the world-famous My Father factory in Nicaragua and every extensively-aged leaf is grown on Garcia's own farms. If there is anyone on the planet that can make a "Cuban cigar" outside of Cuba, it's Don Pepin Garcia. Buy Cabañas Robusto cigars.

My Father No. 1 Robusto


Selected by Cigar Aficionado as the 2009 #3 Cigar Of The Year – Rated 94! My Father cigars started out as a tribute from Jaime Garcia to his famous father, Don Pepin Garcia, but what it is now is an amazing collaboration between the two. All My Father No. 1 Robusto Cigars have the signature Pepin spice blast in the beginning and offer the smoker a great example of what Nicaraguan cigars should taste like. The newest addition, The My Father Connecticut, is the Gacias' take on a milder cigar, and that is just as good as its much fuller bodied brethren. Buy My Father No. 1 Robusto cigars now.

Rocky Patel Sun Grown Toro


Selected by Cigar Aficionado as the 2009 #3 Cigar Of The Year – Rated 94! Rocky Patel Sun Grown Toro was one of Rocky's first big hits, and it still remains a classic and popular cigar to this day. Made in sunny Honduras, this fantastic 6 1/2" x 52 smoke contains a complex multi-country blend of filler tobaccos from Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Brazil. This mixture, aged for more than 7 years, is bound with a stout Nicaraguan leaf and topped off with a rich Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper. The wrapper itself has 5 years of aging on it, making this very complex and memorable cigar a must-have in any serious humidor.

Starting off with a rich, earthy base note, this Rocky Patel Sun Grown Toro transforms throughout the experience into a medley of woody and tobacco flavors. There are notes of savory spice and white pepper and a subtle, sweet finish. This cigar was once considered full-bodied, but compared to the monsters of today, it's a very enjoyable medium-bodied smoke. Buy Rocky Patel Sun Grown Toro cigars now.

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