A Guide To Cigar Wrappers: Corojo

A Guide To Cigar Wrappers: Corojo
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Finding the ideal cigar is quite a tedious task considering the immense number of factors that go into making an individual cigar. Having said that, the wrapper is one of the most noticeable components of the lengthy list, including tobacco, area, shape, etc. The wrapper, in particular, can influence the personality and cost of your cigar, having a big impact on the flavor, color, and more. In this article, we'll be discussing the well-known Corojo wrapper.

Introduction to Corojo Cigars

The term 'Corojo' refers to a type of tobacco that was originally only found and grown in Cuba, specifically within the Vuelta Abajo region. That being said, as the Corojo gained international popularity as an ideal wrapper for cigars, it spread from being locally grown by Diego Rodrigues to global recognition. Cuban genetic engineers developed many superior hybrid variants which became commonplace in the cigar world. However, there has been minimal to no pure Corojo production in Cuba since 1997.

As of now, this plant can be found in a plethora of cigar wrappers and is primarily grown in Honduras and Kentucky, America. These areas hold the majority as they have soil features that are very similar to the ones found in Cuba, where Corojo growth was most prominent.

Apart from its history, Corojo wrappers are mostly known for their immense spice. While wrappers are most often quite oily, they managed to provide a strong flavoring which was mostly seen in Cuban cigars during the 1900s. However, with so many hybrids produced in recent decades, let's go over a list of some prominent Corojo cigars to understand their differences.

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A guide to cigar wrappers Corojo

List of Corojo Hybrids

Corojo '99

One of the many hybrids made by Cuban engineers during the decline of pure Corojo usage, Corojo 99' has become quite popular. It is currently cultivated in many regions across western Kentucky and is also seen in a plethora of cigars. One example would be the Ezra Zion - Ten Year Anniversary, which is a medium-full strength cigar known for its immense flavor. Specifically, thanks to the combination of the Corojo 99' wrapper and aged tobacco, you can get notes of caramel, chocolate, pepper, and much more.

Honduran Corojo

Better known for being a mix of spicy and sweet, Honduran Corojo is one of the more popular variants of the wrapper. Currently found in a wide range of cigars, it is praised for the mix of sweetness that provides a larger range than the original Corojo wrapper. A great example of a Honduran Corojo cigar is The Punch Rare Corojo Champion which has a lot of complex flavors. Specifically, with Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers, it manages to provide a mic of nutmeg and cedar while being medium-full-bodied.

Habano 2000

With one of the most cumbersome diseases affecting pure Corojo being blue mold, Habano 2000 was made as a solution to this issue. This hybrid is made by crossing Corojo with Cuban dark tobaccos, which are milder and provide increased resistance. In terms of flavor, this wrapper is seen in the Avo Heritage, where it provides spiciness to the sweet and tasty fillers within the cigar.

Mexican San Andres Corojo

One of the lesser-known hybrids produced, Mexican San Andres Corojo is known for its nutty addition to a cigar's flavor. Commonly having a reddish-brown tint, this wrapper is seen in cigars such as the Room 101 Master Collection. This cigar manages to fully utilize the spicy and nutty notes of the wrapper and combine them with a complex core of fillers for a wide range of earthy profiles.

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