The Best Cigars To Pair With Your Coffee

The Best Cigars To Pair With Your Coffee
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Coffee & Cigar Pairings

Coffee and Cigars

For many people, waking up is synonymous with grabbing a fresh cup of coffee. For some, this is followed by the desire for a good cigar. When you walk into a cigar lounge or shop, it isn't uncommon to find coffee available as well.

According to research, nearly 65% of all Americans prefer to drink coffee during breakfast hours. This is also a great time to light up a cigar. If you're someone who enjoys lighting a cigar while drinking a cup of coffee, you should pick a cigar that is complimentary.

Here is a list of cigars that pair sublimely with coffee:

Oliva Serie V Melanio Robusto - 2016 #8 Cigar of the Year

Oliva Serie V Melanio Robusto cigars are the crowning achievement of the Oliva Cigar Company. Five years in the making, this 5" x 52 high-end Nicaraguan masterpiece is lovingly crafted by a select handful of some of the best torcedors the world has to offer, using aged ligero filler and binder tobacco from Nicaragua and a gorgeous Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper. Ultra-refined, yet powerful and pleasurable. Melanio is a true showcase of the world-class blending expertise at Oliva Cigars.

Seamlessly rolled, dark brown, and gorgeous, Oliva Serie V Melanio Robusto cigars are expertly constructed with an easy draw. The first light gives off billows of blue smoke, slathering the palate with a massive dose of ligero spice. The earthy introduction soon turns sweet as hints of coffee and dark chocolate become apparent, and the spice further intensifies. The finish is heavy and smooth, draping the taste buds with kisses of nutmeg and cocoa. Deeply powerful, yet incomparably smooth.


Coffee Country Tour Du Jour Cigar Sampler

Introducing the Coffee Country Tour Du Jour Cigar Sampler, a delightful collection designed specifically for coffee enthusiasts. In this Meet Your Maker (MYM) 10-cigar sampler, we've curated a selection of the finest coffee-flavored cigars that cater to your love for both coffee and premium tobacco.

Crafted by renowned manufacturers, the sampler features standout blends from the Isla del Sol and Tabak Especial lines by the esteemed Drew Estate team. Additionally, the innovative Nub Nuance entries from the Oliva Cigar Company add a unique touch to this exceptional assortment. While three of the cigars bear the Rocky Patel Java label, it's important to note that they are expertly crafted by the infused cigar maestros at Drew Estate under contract for Rocky Patel.

A standout in the collection is the Java Mint, an exquisite blend that combines the rich flavors of a York Peppermint Patty with the essence of your favorite coffee beverage.


The Coffee Country Tour Du Jour Cigar Sampler includes the following cigars:

  1. Isla del Sol Toro
  2. Isla del Sol Maduro Robusto
  3. Nub Nuance Single Roast 460
  4. Nub Nuance Double Roast 354
  5. Nub Nuance Triple Roast 460
  6. Nub Nuance Double Roast 354
  7. Nub Nuance Triple Roast 460
  8. Rocky Patel Java Latte Toro
  9. Rocky Patel Java Maduro Toro
  10. Rocky Patel Java Mint Toro
  11. Tabak Especial Toro Dulce
  12. Tabak Especial Toro Negra

Indulge in the perfect fusion of coffee and cigars with this meticulously curated sampler, offering a journey through the rich and flavorful world of coffee-infused premium cigars.

Macanudo Bourbon In Your Coffee Cigar Sampler

Everyone knows bourbon and coffee go great with cigars, but what happens when bourbon and coffee are IN your cigars? Well, we here at Cigar Place are always looking for ways to bring the newest and hottest treats to our beloved customers, and this time we have put together one heck of an innovative sampler. Let's face it; some people love flavored cigars; some hate them. In the cigar world, it's a fact of life. But these sticks here aren't your run-of-the-mill soupy and goopy cheapies. Quite the contrary as here we have some of the most elegantly built infused cigars on the market: M by Macanudo and M Bourbon by Macanudo, the first flavored cigars offered by the legendary Dominican-based cigar powerhouse. Even if you are sternly anti-flavor when it comes to cigars, these babies just might change your mind.

On the one side, we have M by Macanudo, a delectable coffee-infused treat made for the serious connoisseur that loves to enjoy a steamy cup o' Joe alongside a precision-rolled premium cigar. The other component of this lovely sampler is M Bourbon, which takes everything that was great and celebrated about the original M and replaces the coffee flavor with rich, boozy bourbon. Both offerings reside on the medium-bodied side and are easy choices for cigar snobs of all experience levels. After lighting up, feel free to grab the drink of your choice if you wish, but after a few puffs, it's easy to realize that with either of these incredible blends, your coffee and bourbon are already mixed in!


Don Pepin Garcia Original Invictos

Are you a fan of Don Pepin, the great cigarmaker? Also known as José Garcia, he referred to this line as the 'Blue Label'. Don Pepin's is a brand that debuted back in the year 2003. Back then, the wrapper was Ecuadoran. But now it's a Corojo Oscuro from Nicaragua.

From first light, the smoker is greeted by the infamous "Pepin Pepper," a blast of intense spice across the entire palate. The smoke settles into a full-bodied array of nutty and spicy flavors with heavy pepper and sweetness on the finish. There is also a richness that is reminiscent of cocoa, which is why this cigar pairs perfectly with coffee.


Alec Bradley Magic Toast Toro


With the kind of name this cigar has, you could end up thinking that it tastes like toast. This cigar was in no way inspired by bread. It was a night spent in a field of tobacco that inspired Alan Rubin, the owner of this brand.
There is also a lot of tobacco that is Honduran as well. You'll also find leaves from Nicaragua in this cigar. They are present in the binder as well as the filler. A light and lovely scent of vanilla sugar cookie drifts from the foot like an assistant to the strong mineral aroma the 6" X 52 barrel exudes as it sits confidently beneath the intricate gold and purple band, waiting for the full reveal. Unlit, these wondrous cigars present a mouth-watering appeal impossible to deny, but applying a steady flame is where the wizardry begins. Along with the pleasant combination of spice, oak, and vanilla. This helps it pair well with coffee of all kinds.


New World Connecticut Robusto

Do you enjoy coffee that is imbued with flavors of fruit? If you do, then you're very likely to enjoy this cigar as well. This is a cigar from A.J. Fernandez, a cigar maker from Nicaragua. The wrapper of this cigar is a Connecticut shade, grown in the US.

A lot of smokers dismiss the Connecticut shade leaf due to its mild body, but if they are looking past New World Connecticut, they are doing their palate a disservice. The true beauty of this cigar is the fact that the creamy nature of the wrapper leaf plays off the spicier filler tobacco perfectly and gives an amazing complexity to this smoke. While this may feature the traditional mild body one would expect from a Connecticut wrapped stogie, it still remains extremely flavorful.

They are grown beneath mesh netting. This helps to filter the Sun's rays. As a result, the cigar has a light and delicate taste. The initial taste of this cigar is fruity. After that, you can enjoy a combination of lemon peel, leather, and cedar.


Montecristo White Court Tubo


The Montecristo White Montecristo Court Tubo is an epic cigar you'll wish you had tried sooner. Created by a brand that sits at the highest of heights when it comes to tobacco and handmade in the Dominican Republic by skilled torcedors who have perfected the art of the roll, these elegant vitolas are masterpieces of smooth, rich flavor. Beneath the stark white double bands emblazoned with gold markings, you'll find a flawless Ecuadoran Connecticut wrapped like a warm blanket atop a Nicaraguan binder that expertly contains the premium Dominican and Nicaraguan longleaf filler at the core.

The smoke emanating from this cigar looks attractive, almost as if it won't be strong enough to pair with your coffee. However, this 5 and a 1/2 inches cigar comes with a ring gauge of 44. The corona of this cigar takes about the same time to finish as it would for you to finish your coffee.


Rocky Patel Java Maduro Cigars

If you've ever experienced the magic that comes from pairing a fine cigar with a hot mug of coffee or a few pieces of high quality dark chocolate, or even better all three together, then you know why we're so excited about the Rocky Patel Java Maduro. If you are one of those unlucky few who haven't experienced the complimentary flavors of these three luxuries, now is the time to get amped up about the Rocky Patel Java Maduro. A tag-team effort between Patel's company and the flavor wizards at Drew Estate, the cigar contains a blend of marvelous Nicaraguan filler and binder beneath a Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper all of which has soaked up the aroma and flavor of Mocha Java espresso and fine cocoa.


Tabak Especial Cigars

While there are plenty of coffee-flavored cigars on today's market, one continues to stand head and shoulders above the rest: Tabak Especial Cigar. Made at the world famous La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate in Nicaragua under the supervision of none other than the master of flavored cigars himself, Jonathan Drew, Tabak Especial is set apart from the rest in that the tobacco isn't simply flavored, but infused. Drew is best known for his flavor infusion process, mainly made popular by his ACID brand, and in this case he has made a dream come true for coffee-loving cigar smokers worldwide.


From the Macanudo Bourbon in your coffee cigar to the New World Connecticut Robusto, this list of cigars pairs perfectly well with coffee.

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