Isla Del Sol Toro

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Isla Del Sol Toro Cigars

Isla Del Sol Toro is an infused cigar from the legendary Jonathan Drew that is tailor-made for those of us who love coffee with our morning smokes. Made in the same factory as the world famous Acid brand, Isla Del Sol is more of a budget-friendly stick, especially for being a Drew Estate cigar. This is by no means, however, indicative of its quality, as Isla Del Sol definitely shines in that department. Aimed at those folks who want to get into infused cigars but just can't get comfortable with an Acid or Ambrosia, Isla Del Sol is a milder alternative that uses coffee as its main flavor. Precision rolled using premium quality Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos; Isla Del Sol is finished with a silky Sumatra wrapper leaf before undergoing the fabled Drew Estate infusion process. It is then finished off with a sweet tip to ensure a well-rounded final flavor. The Toro size is 6" x 52 and makes a great choice if you cant decide between the Churchill and Robusto. It's just the right size to smoke for 1-2 hours.
Isla Del Sol is a mixed filler or "Cuban Sandwich" style cigar, so the draw is going to be on-point each and every time. The pre-light aroma induces a fair amount of mouth watering, as who wouldn't drool at the smell of tobacco and coffee at the same time? That's just the beginning. Upon first light, an intoxicating room note fills the air, one quite similar to that of aromatic pipe tobacco. The initial flavor is a mix of earthy tobacco and sweet black coffee, soon followed by smooth floral notes and spicy Nicaraguan pepper. The finish is super sweet and quite thick, mostly due to the delicious sweet tip. Overall, Isla Del Sol is a mild-medium-bodied gem that will doubtless please just about any fan of flavored cigars.
Sure, those who already enjoy flavored sticks will love Isla Del Sol. But the best part is that even those who don't usually reach for something "unnatural" will likely be happy to enjoy one of these amazing sticks. Mild-medium, Isla Del Sol is appropriate for all cigar audiences, and the price point is quite appealing as well. Isla Del Sol is a pretty versatile stick, and we definitely don't mean to sound cliché, but Isla Del Sol makes a great breakfast stick to enjoy along with, you guessed it, coffee! Though more of a bargain cigar, Isla Del Sol Toro is a great competitor to Java, another coffee-infused stick coming out of the Drew Estate factory and made for Rocky Patel. "Isla Del Sol" is directly translated as "Island of Sun," and it's definitely a fitting name for this cigar that's sure to brighten up your day just as well as your daily cup of Joe.

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Additional Information
Strength Flavored
Brand Isla Del Sol
Size 6 x 52
Wrapper Indonesian Sumatra
Binder Nicaraguan
Filler Nicaraguan
Origin Nicaragua
Shape Toro
Rating filter N/A
Weight 0.00 lb


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