Nub Nuance Single Roast 460

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Nub Nuance Single Roast 460 Cigars

One of the most perfect ways to start the day is with a great premium cigar and a cup of coffee. The new Nub Nuance Single Roast 460 makes this so much easier as Oliva has perfected getting the taste of amazing coffee into their flavorful Nub series of cigars. Formerly known as the Nub Cafe Cappuccino, the single roast variation of this perfect flavored cigar features a creamy and smooth Connecticut wrapper which really brings out all the tasting notes in the exquisite filler blend.
Starting with a rich taste of the finest coffee, the aroma on the short and stout 4 x 60 Nub Nuance Single Roast is just as enticing as the flavor with each puff pulls you into a creamy and balanced world of tastes only found in a well-made coffee. As you smoke this cigar down to the band, you will notice subtle flavor changes from deep coffee to the sweet foam found on top.

The coffee-flavored cigar is not a new market, but Nub Nuance Single Roast 460 is sure to give both Tabak Especial and Rocky Patel Java a run for their money. The blending of coffee flavors and the tastes of premium tobacco are found within this impeccably made cigar.

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Additional Information
Strength ●●○○○ Mild-Medium
Brand Nub Nuance Single Roast
Size 4 x 60
Wrapper Connecticut Shade
Binder Dominican
Filler Dominican
Origin Dominican Republic
Shape Gordo
Rating filter No
Weight 0.00 lb


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