The Top Selling Mild Cigars at Cigar Place

The Top Selling Mild Cigars at Cigar Place
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Top Mild Cigars

There's an unfortunate tendency among some enthusiasts to classify cigars of the milder persuasion as sticks best left to beginners or the occasional smoker. You know the type, those always chasing the next knee-knocker and never being quite satisfied. Those of us who live in the real world know that there is a reason for all things, mild cigars included. All of the sticks listed here are best sellers for a reason.

5. Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real

Romeo Y Julieta Reserva RealCrafted in the Dominican Republic to become one of the modern classics of mild cigars, this delightful display of fine tobacco will keep you on your toes without knocking you out. Starting with an aged selection of Honduran and Nicaraguan longleaf, each handsome Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real is fortified by a juicy Nicaraguan binder before being completed using a silky and flawless Ecuadoran Connecticut Shade wrapper. Buttery smooth and cool-burning, with a pleasing nuttiness backed by cedar and allspice, you'll find these delectable sticks the perfect companion no matter the time of day. Pair with a morning's medium-roast coffee from El Salvador to bring out hints of honey and dark chocolate, or enjoy with a nightcap of Speyside single malt Scotch to reveal the flavors of dried fruit and aged vanilla. Sounds delicious, doesn't it?

4. Oliva Connecticut Reserve

Oliva Connecticut ReserveIt would be easy to overlook these humble sticks while shopping for your next mild cigar obsession, but there is no need to make such a dire mistake. As you may or may not know, the Oliva family has been involved in the cigar business since 1886 and to this day are responsible for growing much of the Nicaraguan tobacco used in your favorite smokes from a multitude of brands. Needless to say, the foundation, nay, the very heart and soul of these succulent sticks is that very homegrown Nicaraguan longleaf. Aged, fermented, and blended to be the most flavorful filler tobacco imaginable, this special recipe is then finished with an Ecuadoran Connecticut Shade wrapper to transform into a mild-to-medium juggernaut of tastiness. Beginning with a surprising burst of white pepper, the fluffy smoke from these well-rolled vitolas quickly settles into a breakfast-like selection of black tea, rye bread, and nutty toasted oats. Proving itself worthy of more than a morning's wakeup call, the Oliva Connecticut Reserve can easily handle whatever occasion you throw at it, whether capping off a mimosa-filled brunch with friends or celebrating your next promotion at that job, you just can't wait to leave for greener pastures.

3. Perdomo Reserve Champagne

Perdomo Reserve CigarsRediscover your love for mild parejos with these golden treasures from the incomparable mind of Nick Perdomo. No matter if you're new to the joys of quality tobacco or have been at it for quite a while, it's easy to overwhelm the palate once you start smoking ever stronger cigars. Suddenly, every profile tastes mainly of coffee and cocoa and black pepper and leather. Yummy, to be sure, but why not indulge in the nuanced and the sublime. The Perdomo Reserve Champagne will take you on a gentle yet exotic journey through tastes you may not have ever noticed before, so let your senses relax to be ready for new experiences. Aged at least six long years, the thick bunched Nicaraguan longleaf filler and binder of each vitola reveal hints of white chocolate and hazelnut alongside a more familiar woodiness. The flaxen Connecticut wrapper, triple-fermented and smelling like sunshine, injects fresh alfalfa, chocolate graham cracker, and a sweet floral aroma into the thick smoke produced during every velvety puff. And there is more, much more. Come find out for yourself what else there is to discover anew.

2. Montecristo White

Montecristo White Cigars

An elegant premium cigar unlike any other, the Montecristo White is your invitation to a taste of luxury no matter the venue: the fishing pier, the golf course, the wedding hall, the boardroom. With a history stretching back nearly a century, there is a simple reason that Montecristo cigars have a reputation for great taste and high quality. Specifically, because they always taste great and the quality of their tobacco and construction is unequaled in a world where so many other sticks are content to just get by with the bare minimum. Beginning with a complex blend of longleaf filler from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, these satisfying vitolas raise the bar with a toothsome Nicaraguan binder to bring a little kick of potency before blanketing the entire barrel in a creamy and dreamy Ecuadoran Connecticut Shade wrapper. Flush with the flavors of oak, earth, and a whiskey-like sweetness at the onset of flame, you can expect the depth of profile to broaden to include Turkish coffee, a pleasing chalky mineral, ripe stone fruit, and even some crème brulé.

1. Rocky Patel The Edge Lite

Rocky Patel The Edge Lite Cigars

Rolling across the cigar landscape like a thunderclap ahead of a raging storm, it is difficult to overstate the impact of the original Rocky Patel The Edge, on the world of tobacco in 2004. Bringing a combination of bright, crisp flavor alongside eyewatering strength, it captured the undivided attention of masses of aficionados still reeling from the Cigar Boom crash less than a decade earlier. As head of an upstart cigar company, Rocky had found some moderate success in the following years, but The Edge made him a superstar on par with the greatest of blenders past and present. He soon heeded the multitude of calls for a milder version of the instant hit, and so the Edge Lite was born. These oily sticks somehow maintain the same flavor profile with fiery spice, dark roasted malt, smooth cream, sweet n' sour candied orange peel, and smoky mesquite, but at a strength that can be enjoyed while still standing. Built for everyone and every time of the day, you're going to find it exceedingly difficult to resist buying a full box of fifty.

So there you have it, our best-selling mild cigars. We're here to make it easy for you to discover for yourself why they are so popular. Make sure to get extras to impress your friends, especially that one who will turn up their nose at first, but will soon recognize your skills at choosing the most flavorful stick as soon as they take their first draw.

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