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Trader Jack's Kickin' Cigars

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Trader Jack’s Kickin’ Cigars are a value-priced offering from the world renowned J.C. Newman Cigar Company. That’s right, the same folks responsible for the award-winning Diamond Crown and Diamond Crown Maximus have released a very high-quality “lawn cutter” cigar with an even lower price point than their already hugely successful Brick House. Made right here in the United States, Trader Jack’s Kickin’ Cigars consist of a beautiful Connecticut wrapper leaf over a mouth-watering blend of Honduran, Dominican, and Nicaraguan filler and binder tobacco.  These 6 ¼ x 45 coronas are packaged in 20-count sealed bags, or jars of 30, eliminating the need to use a humidor. Unique packaging and a killer value to quality ratio makes Trader Jack’s Kickin’ Cigars a no-brainer.

Well-made for a cheap stick, Trader Jack’s Kickin’ Cigars cut easily, smoke well, and burn with a sharp gray ash. Immensely flavorful, Trader Jack’s opens up with a sweet, earthy intro. Immediately, notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and clove join the party, soon to be complemented by cocoa and licorice. The finish is very sweet, with a pronounced vanilla coffee flavor. Mild-bodied and smooth smoking, Trader Jack’s makes a great stick to enjoy while sunbathing, boating, golfing, or just walking the dog.

Trader Jack’s, like many bundle cigars, is quite appropriate for just about anyone. Even beginners can have fun with this one. It pairs well with beer, spiced rum, and coffee, and is enjoyable for any time of the day. Mild-bodied, yet extremely flavorful, Trader Jack’s can be compared to such other value cigars as Isla del Sol and Flor de Oliva. We are fortunate enough to live in an era where bundle cigars are just as good as the expensive ones. Trader Jacks cigars are definitely no exception, and well they shouldn’t be, coming from one of the most renowned names in the entire cigar world, J.C. Newman.

Additional Information
Strength ●○○○○ Mild
Brand No
Size 6 1/4 x 45
Wrapper Sumatra
Binder Dominican
Filler Dominican
Origin No
Shape Lonsdale


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