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Nat Sherman Host Hyde Maduro

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Never a company to rest on their laurels, Nat Sherman has released the delectable Host Maduro Hyde cigar to great fanfare and acclaim. It’s been fun in recent years watching this revitalized 80-plus-year-old cigar company just steamroll over the competition, producing a string of hits to gain a whole new generation of aficionado followers. This cigar, however, takes a couple of steps back to show the uninitiated that Nat Sherman has always known what they’re doing. An update to the classic Connecticut-coated Host, the Host Maduro takes the smooth Honduran filler and binder recipe and turns it into an egalitarian treasure with the addition of a chocolatey Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper of exemplary quality and taste.


Preferring to let the cigar speak for itself, Nat Sherman has dressed the Host Maduro Hyde in the same simple yet colorful and decorative band as its predecessor. The Broadleaf wrapper is oily, smooth, and expertly applied atop longleaf filler which wafts the aroma of plums and alfalfa from the foot. This 6” X 60 cigar is sweet and creamy from the start, with almond and nougat evident within the cured tobacco and roasted coffee flavors that permeate the billowing smoke. Some leather and a touch of vanilla enter during the later stages of the slow, straight burn which keep this medium-bodied dream alive and kicking until the end.


Find out for yourself why Nat Sherman has been able to thrive throughout the past decades by trying a Nat Sherman Host Maduro Hyde now. Just one puff and you’ll come to understand why so many smokers young and old are flocking to the brand, with every puff afterward proving to yourself that you’ll be doing the same time and again. Priced for everyone and able to be enjoyed by all, this is truly a historic cigar.

Additional Information
Strength Medium
Brand Nat Sherman Host
Size 6 x 60
Wrapper Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder Honduran
Filler Honduran
Origin Honduras
Shape Gordo


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