Davidoff Aniversario Series Special 'T'

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You may be wondering while checking out these sticks what it is that makes Davidoff Aniversario Series Special 'T' cigars so, well, special. From a purely practical standpoint, when Henke Keller and his team of skilled torcedors set out to create a unique experience for Davidoff fanatics the ‘easiest’ way to set these smokes apart from the crowd was to focus on traditional and sometimes uncommon shapes and sizes. However, the various figurados into which the four-year aged Dominican tobaccos are formed are anything but easy to accomplish and require many years of experience to do just right. Good thing that Davidoff employs some of the best rollers in the business.


While the name refers to the various vitolas available, the term ‘special’ can also be used as a description for the flavors provided by each cigar. Whether the short corona format of the Entreacto, the cone-like torpedo shape of a Special T, or the classic Short Perfecto, each heavy Davidoff starts of buttery smooth and rich with creamy leather and bright cedar. Making a turn towards the bold without harshness or unrefined strength, the middle third lays on black pepper and roasted nuts, each silky puff encouraging the next. A touch of allspice during the final third keeps each cool burning stick firmly in your hand until the last possible moment.


Style and class are an integral part of all Davidoff cigars, but as with all of their refined smokes the Davidoff Aniversario Series Special 'T' is even more about taste and a passion for the good life. Aficionados who are looking to supplement their enjoyment of cigars like Diamond Crown and Ashton Cabinet will find much to appreciate. Regular Joes who want a special occasion stick that will certainly impress friend and foe alike, you need to search no further. Just pick your favorite special size and go to town.

Additional Information
Strength ●●●●○ Medium-Full
Brand Davidoff Aniversario Series
Size 6 x 52
Wrapper Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder Dominican
Filler Dominican
Origin Dominican Republic
Shape Torpedo


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