Cuban Rejects Natural Classic

Cuban Rejects Natural Classic Cigarillos

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Cuban Rejects Natural Classic Cigarillos | Box of 5

Cuban Rejects Natural Cigarillo cigars are neither Cuban cigars or rejects in terms of quality, but they are a great-tasting value cigar. In each box of these budget sticks, you will find some of the best filler, binder, and wrapper tobacco you can at a price you won't be able to wrap your head around. Premium cigar makers demand consistency in everything, right down to the color of the tobacco used. When something is just slightly off, it gets put aside to make a "second." This does not affect the taste of the cigar at all and only how the cigar appears. Last we checked you smoked cigars and didn't stare at them.

These medium-bodied cigars are made in Nicaragua using tobacco that may be rejected from bigger name sticks but still has great flavor. The natural wrapper adds a level of spiciness to this already flavorful cigar. Notes of cedar and earth fill your sense, and the spice hits you on the exhale. On top of the complexity of this smoke is that great construction. The 3 3/8" x 20 size provides for a very pleasant and quick smoke.

You may not confuse these cigars with actual Cubans, but that won't matter when you realize you are smoking a great cigar at the fraction of the cost of many other cigars on the market. Great for those moments when time is at a premium, and you don't want to burn one of your more expensive sticks, you will still not be sacrificing quality with these.

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Additional Information
Strength ●●●○○ Medium
Brand Cuban Rejects
Packaging Box of 50
Size 3 1/4 x 20
Wrapper Nicaraguan
Binder Nicaraguan
Filler Nicaraguan
Origin Nicaragua
Shape Cigarillo
Rating filter No
Weight 0.30 lb


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