Cigar Aficionado #3 Cigar of the Year Face-Off Sampler

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Cigar Aficionado #3 Cigar of the Year Face-Off Sampler - Free Shipping!

Our Cigar Aficionado #3 Cigar of the Year Face-Off Sampler is a total powerhouse, and it was built with one thing in mind, high-performance smokes! On the starting line, we have the CAO Flathead V660 Carb along with the Oliva Serie V Belicoso. Both were rated 95 by Cigar Aficionado and held the #3 spot in the prestigious magazine's top 25 cigar of the year list in 2015 and 2017, respectively. You'll definitely need to strap in for this ride, as these sticks push the needle to full-bodied. That strength comes from the stout filler. Once you pop the hood, you'll find nothing but the choicest Nicaraguan ligero.

This sampler is perfect for that seasoned smoker who wants to experiment with new flavors, or a beginner trying to explore the realms of full-flavored cigars. Expertly constructed, these premium smokes have razor-sharp burn lines, giving you nimble handling along with thrilling performance. Cigar enthusiasts will appreciate the full-throttle experience these cigars will provide, so grab a pack today, and take these supercharged stogies for a spin.

Our Cigar Aficionado #3 Cigar of the Year Face-Off Sampler Includes:

5 x CAO Flathead V660 Carb Gordo (6" x 60, ●●●●○ Medium-Full, Rated 95). Selected by Cigar Aficionado as the 2015 #3 Cigar Of The Year. Made in Nicaragua at the Scandinavian Tobacco factory in Esteli. Inspired by grease monkeys and rock 'n roll, Flathead is box-pressed, flat-headed, and funky. It has Nicaraguan ligero fillers, a Habano Connecticut binder, and a dark, well-marbled Connecticut broadleaf wrapper. Starting its ignition with a strong, thick river of sweet, chocolatey flavor. The overall base is earthy, with just a few hints of pepper and coffee sprinkled about. As it evolves, a rich sweetness begins to dominate the flavor profile, giving bursts of floral and cocoa notes. Flathead is maduro and ligero at its best, with a wonderful mix of sweet, spicy, and strong. Buckle up, because this hot rod gives one heck of a ride.

5 x Oliva Serie V Belicoso (5" x 54, ●●●●● Full, Rated 95). Selected by Cigar Aficionado as the 2017 #3 Cigar Of The Year. When this cigar was introduced, the entire world of cigars went crazy, and for many years this ultra-premium treat was one of the hardest sticks to get a hold of. Considered the crown jewel of the Oliva Cigar Company in Nicaragua. Made by the top rollers at Oliva, this amazing stick consists of Nicaraguan Jalapa Valley ligero fillers, a spicy Nicaraguan binder, and a gorgeous sun-grown Ecuadoran Sun Grown wrapper. Beginning with a powerful blast of white pepper and unmistakable Nicaraguan spice, this oily flavor bomb shows absolutely no mercy as it transitions into a rich, woody adventure speckled along the way with notes of coffee, cedar, and cocoa. It packs a huge punch, both flavor- and strength-wise, and finishes with a thick slathering of earth across the palate. This is one beast of a cigar, and well, it should be, as it helped start the "powerhouse" cigar movement, when tastes went from full-flavored to extremely-full-flavored.

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Filler Nicaraguan
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