Xikar Premium Butane - 100ml

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Xikar Premium Butane - 100ml Use in all XIKAR lighters Near zero impurities Less than 30 parts per million impurities Won't cause clogged burner valves or misfires Jet flame lighters are the fighter planes of lighters. They require the highest quality butane. Anything else is just like putting diesel fuel into an F-16. That is why XIKAR researched and found the highest quality butane available for its Purofine Premium Butane. Purofine's low level of impurities (less than 30 parts per million!) help keep your lighter functioning properly for years of use. The can lists the size as 1.9oz (55g) due to changes in DOT regulation, but this is the same size can and same amount of butane that was previously listed at 100ml.
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