The Griffin's Natural Puritos

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The Griffin’s Puritos is one of the most recognizable classic Dominican cigars on the market, surviving for what seems like centuries and still held in the highest esteem by lovers of mild-medium-bodied blends. Made by Davidoff and produced in the Dominican Republic, the Griffin’s has come to be known as a more affordable way to experience the amazing flavor and quality offered by one of the most notorious ultra-premium brands on the planet. The delightful recipe consists of an all-Dominican blend of filler and binder tobacco and a caramel-brown Connecticut shade wrapper leaf. Simple? Yes. Mellow and tame? Yes. But the Griffin’s has proven over many years that its particular version of a top shelf Dominican cigar is head and shoulders above the rest.


Like its uber expensive Davidoff cousin, the Griffin’s sports a white band and comes packaged in a classic wooden cabinet box. Also adhering to the Davidoff theme, the quality and consistency are second to none, each vitola boasting masterful construction and offering a cool, easy draw. Plentiful clouds of rich, blue smoke offer a mild, yet flavorful opening of earthy goodness, along with a burst of subtle cedar and hints of toast and tobacco flower. The flavor profile is creamy and buttery smooth through and through, the finish is crisp and clean, and overall the Griffin’s is simple, mellow, and luxurious. The Puritos size is a 4” x 30 petite which comes packaged in tins of 10 or bricks of 100.


The Griffin’s is proof that a cigar doesn’t need to have multiple layers of complexity in order to provide an extraordinary smoking experience. Like its Davidoff counterparts, The Griffin’s takes simplicity to a whole new level of satisfying. Mild-medium-bodied and never lacking balance, the Griffin’s makes a great cigar for just about anyone. It pairs well with white wine or even champagne, making it an ideal stick to celebrate with. As for comparable cigars, the obvious comparison would be Davidoff, but other premium Connecticut-wrapped masterpieces such as Avo Classic and Diamond Crown will doubtless be included by many in the same category. Maybe you are just starting out with cigars? Maybe you are a long-time cigar freak and just love milder stogies? Maybe you simply want to enjoy a timeless classic that never seems to lack in the satisfaction department? Whatever the case, The Griffin’s Puritos is a perfect cigar for any occasion.

Additional Information
Strength ●●○○○ Mild-Medium
Brand The Griffin's Natural
Size 4 x 30
Wrapper Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder Dominican
Filler Dominican
Origin Dominican Republic
Shape Cigarillo


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