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Tabacos Baez Serie S.F. Corona

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It’s time to get psyched because we have another Garcia family blend ready and waiting for you with the affordable Tabacos Baez Serie S.F. Corona cigar. At this point, we certainly don’t need to clue you in to the legendary My Father’s Cigars launched by the even-more-legendary ‘Don Pepin’ Garcia and his son Jaime. For at least the last couple of decades, it seems that every year one or the other of these two juggernauts of tobacco have created sticks consistently ranked among the best of the best. This humbler release is a ‘Cuban sandwich’-style (hint: S.F. stands for Short Filler) Nicaraguan puro that nonetheless captures the magic that you’ve come to know and expect.

When it comes to mixed-filler stogies, a conscientious cigar company will utilize a high-quality wrapper to squeeze the most flavor possible out of the bits and pieces that get trimmed from their more famous smokes, and here is the proof. Each Tabacos Baez Serie S.F. Corona is coated with an oily Nicaraguan Habano wrapper that reeks of expert fermentation and long aging. Firmer and with a more consistent cold draw than it has any right to have provide (thanks to the majority of actual longleaf in the blend), each glistening vitola primes the palate with flavors of cocoa and a touch of mint. Starting with burst of the Garcia’s black pepper calling card, this medium strength and easy burning 6” X 46 smoke is flush with cedar, walnut, and coffee all the way through.

Budget cigars can be all over the map when it comes to taste and quality, but you’ll never go wrong when choosing anything coming out the My Father’s factory no matter the price. That’s why we heartily recommend the Tabacos Baez Serie S.F Corona if you’re looking to get your daily handmade fix for less than 3 bucks a stick. Or use them to impress friends and family alike during you’re next get together. We won’t reveal your secret.

Additional Information
Strength ●●●○○ Medium
Brand Tabacos Baez
Size 6 x 46
Wrapper Nicaraguan
Binder Nicaraguan
Filler Nicaraguan
Origin Nicaragua
Shape Corona


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