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Just in time for the holidays we got a GREAT deal on these Vertigo Bomber Lighters and Stainless Steel 64 Ring Gauge Cutters so we decided to pass the savings on to you. This lighter and cutter combo will arrive to you packaged loosely so you can decide how you wish to package them for your favorite smoker or smokers.


Vertigo Bomber Lighter

This is one nice triple flame butane torch lighter from our friends at Vertigo. The Vertigo Bomber is rounded, a great size for most hands, stylish and fires reliably for us every time. It just feels good in your hands. The Vertigo Bomber lighter manages to be solid and weighty without being needlessly heavy. This lighter is only available in silver and black. Vertigo even offers a lifetime warranty on these lighters when you register your lighter with them. We only have a few of these bad boys, so don't delay.


1 – Stainless Steel 64 Ring Gauge Cutter

The Stainless Steel 64 Ring Gauge cutter is one that cigar smokers everywhere love to use. With its enlarged oval grips and low profile body this cutter is sure to please your cigar enthusiast this holiday season. The blades are also super sharp and will easily cut through any cigar you have up to a 64 ring gauge. I've used much more expensive cutters in the past and have often been let down by them. These cutters come in Black or Silver.


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