Rocky Patel The Edge Lite Toro

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The Edge Lite Toro 652 Cigars from Rocky Patel

For those in search of a great value cigar with plenty of flavor, but want something that smokes easy and won't be overpowering; The Edge Lite Toro from Rocky Patel is and always will be a sure bet. This blend came after the ever-so-popular Edge series that basically held nothing back when it came to strength. Being the accommodating gentleman that he is, Rocky brought out this blend for folks that want the same great taste but don't want to lose their mind while smoking it. Made in Honduras under the supervision of Rocky Patel himself, this 91-rated cigar combines Honduran and Nicaraguan ligero  leaves with a Nicaraguan binder to create a rich, satisfying core. The Ecuadoran Connecticut shade wrapper leaf holds everything together while toning down the strength to  make this package a must-have for fans of mild-medium-bodied sticks.

The Edge Lite shares the same minimalist packaging as all other Edge cigars—a simple foot band on each vitola and a plain wooden box. However, that's where boredom ends. The well-constructed Edge Lite offers an easy and productive draw which greets the palate at first with spicy Nicaraguan pepper. Soon, this spice settles into a creamy array of earthy notes, nougat, and cinnamon. A soft, peppery finish ties the flavor profile together, and after all is said and done The Edge Lite finishes as a solid mild-medium-bodied cigar. The 6" x 52 Toro is popular for a reason, and that reason is that is offers a long, satisfying smoking experience with a very true representation of the flavor profile.

Great for beginners, beloved by connoisseurs, The Edge Lite is more than suitable for just about anyone. Mild-medium-bodied, it pairs well with white wine, tea, or light beer and is known as one of the world's greatest golf course cigars due to its simple, yet satisfying flavor profile and its ability to hold a long, tight ash. Though not entirely similar in all aspects, this blend can be thought of as a more affordable alternative to Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 Connecticut. Whether you are a long-time fan of the Edge series or just want a simple, delicious, easy-smoking cigar that won't break the bank; Rocky Patel The Edge Lite Toro is sure to fit the bill.

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Additional Information
Strength ●●○○○ Mild-Medium
Brand Rocky Patel The Edge Lite
Size 6 x 52
Wrapper Ecuadoran Connecticut
Binder Nicaraguan
Filler Honduran
Origin Honduras
Shape Toro
Rating filter No


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