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*Nub Connecticut 460 Pack of 5 Cigars

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Four horsemen ride comfortably as Studio Tabac’s standard Nub line of cigars, and it is the Connecticut 460 that is mellowest of all. Of course, this is in comparison to robust and potent blends which start out full flavored and full bodied so it’s all relative. Since it contains a complex and hearty blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos throughout the entirety of its stout form, the Ecuadorian shade wrapper on this Nub serves to bring strength and body into a range closer to Medium rather than a truly mild smoke.


Warm and rich from the moment it is lit, this is definitely not like those flimsy, watery, one dimensional Connecticut stogies of yesteryear. Instead, soft leather and black coffee start blasting from the chunky cigar to fill your palate and nose with robust taste and aroma. Almost immediately flavors broaden and shift to produce hints of spice and oak with just enough of a shade wrapper’s familiar grassiness. Once you reach the point where solid ash makes up half of what you hold in your hand, plenty of sweet cream and little nuttiness will have smoothed the thick smoke into an awesome treat. Scrumptious!


Looking for a quick smoke to fill the gaps in your day? Well, this is not it since each 4 x 60 Nub Connecticut 460 contains enough tobacco to be considered a full size cigar and will deliver at least an hour’s worth of enjoyment even with the ‘smallest’ vitola. Perhaps you should consider going with something like the Café au Lait version of El Rey Del Mundo or, if you’re into infused smokes, some Acid Krush Classic. However, if what you seek is a solid and well-made stick capable of pumping out reams of smoke with loads of flavor, then you’ve some to the right page.

Additional Information
Strength Medium
Brand Nub Connecticut
Packaging Pack of 5
Size 4 x 60
Wrapper Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder Nicaraguan
Filler Nicaraguan
Origin Nicaragua
Shape Gordo


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