MYM - Rocky Patel Highly Rated Cigar Sampler

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This Rocky Patel Sampler is one serious premium cigar assortment for serious Rocky Patel fans. Ten tremendous Rocky sticks are included, seven of which have earned a spot on Cigar Aficionado's Top 25 Cigars of the Year lists, and all are rated 91 or higher. We've done all the work curating this highly-rated sampler, so you don't have to. All that's left is sitting back and enjoying the distinct qualities that only Rocky Patel cigars offer. So grab your sampler today, and get ready to have your taste buds rocked!

The MYM - Rocky Patel Highly Rated Sampler includes:

1 x Rocky Patel Sun Grown Maduro Robusto (5" x 50, ●●●●○ Medium-Full, 95 Rated) 2016 #2 Cigar of the Year. A medium-firm draw delivers dense clouds of thick, white smoke, pounding the taste buds with an immediate blast of spicy Nicaraguan pepper. The spicy introduction is soon followed by layer after layer of delicate nuances, including mocha, chocolate, and nutmeg. A rich, earthy undertone remains constant throughout, holding the sweet and spicy flavors together in beautiful harmony.

1 x Rocky Patel Decade Torpedo (6 1/2" x 52, ●●●●○ Medium-Full, 95 Rated) 2008 #15 Cigar of the Year. Full of lively pepper, yet creamy and smooth, the smoke hits just the right symmetry between medium strength and full-bodied flavor. From the sweet spot to the nub, strong hints of dark cherry are intertwined with exotic spices and leather and almonds, a complex and soul-pleasing experience.

1 x Rocky Patel Number 6 Corona (6" x 44, ●●●○○ Medium, 95 Rated) 2020 #9 Cigar of the Year. Offers a generous draw and plenty of silky white smoke on each puff. A burst of cedar is immediately noticeable, along with a generous amount of black pepper, soon settling into the background while earthy tobacco flavors take the driver’s seat. Sweet floral notes are constant from start to finish, along with some hints of brown sugar on the finish.

1 x Rocky Patel Royale Toro (6 1/2 x 54, ●●●●○ Medium-Full, 94 Rated) 2014 #5 Cigar of the Year. The milk chocolatey, smooth wrapper gives this cigar an incredible earthy aroma right from the get go. These flavors continue with abundance throughout the smoke, and only slight hints of spice and sweetness creep in. While some list this as a medium-full body, we found it much closer to the medium side of that scale.

1 x Rocky Patel The Edge Habano Torpedo (6" x 52, ●●●●○ Medium-Full, 94 Rated) 2015 #7 Cigar of the Year. Starts off with woody, earthy flavors that accompany a cascade of heavy Nicaraguan spice. The finish is short and clean and other flavor notes include coffee and black cherry. Of all the Edge blends, Edge Habano Torpedo is not only the most potent, but the most refined as well.

1 x Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary Torpedo (6 1/8" x 52, ●●●●○ Medium-Full, 93 Rated) 2011 #6 Cigar of the Year. The pre-light draw gives off an earthy, barnyard flavor with a slight sweetness mixed with some cracked black pepper. Once lit, the spice is joined by some delicious flavors including bitter/dark coffee and the chocolate flavor that Nicaraguan leaf is known for. A very well constructed stick that's worthy of it's rating.

1 x Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 Cameroon Churchill (7" x 48, ●●●●○ Medium-Full, 93 Rated) 2017 #16 Cigar of the Year. The African Cameroon wrapper brings about notes of sweet spices, cedar, and coffee with a nutty finish. The wrapper combined with the Nicaraguan and Dominican filler and binder make for a pretty awesome flavor mixture. You'll be treated to white pepper, dark chocolate, and espresso with sweet spice that's rich, full and complex.

1 x Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Robusto (5 1/2" x 50, ●●●○○ Medium, 92 Rated) A smooth draw produces silky gray smoke, delighting the palate with a rich, earthy flavor profile. Definitive notes of cocoa and black pepper are boldly stated, along with plenty of raw tobacco and a subtle grassy undertone. A bold, mocha finish ties the whole package together, making it easy to see how this cigar has become such a massive success over the years.

1 x Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 Churchill (7" x 48, ●●●○○ Medium, 92 Rated) The mahogany colored outer leaf displays all the hallmarks of quality tobacco: shimmering oils, a fine tooth, and small, unobtrusive veining. The aroma of the unlit stick is chocolatey, but that is as far as the sweetness runs with this stick. Once alight, the thick smoke is awash in spicy, woody flavors with just a touch of cream and some floral notes in the retrohale.

1 x Rocky Patel The Edge Sumatra Toro (6" x 52, ●●●●● Full, 91 Rated) Full-bodied and spicy, fine stick opens up with a warm cedar blast laced with crisp white pepper and an array of nutty, savory notes. The smoke is thick and very smooth, leaving behind a crisp hint of citrus on the finish. It's well-rounded and great for smokers of any experience level; bold, yet never over-powering.

Additional Information
Strength ●●●●○ Medium-Full
Brand Rocky Patel
Packaging Pack of 10
Size Assorted
Wrapper Assortment
Binder Assortment
Filler Assortment
Origin Assortment
Shape Assortment


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