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MYM - Oliva Cigar Sampler

  • Pack of 10
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The Oliva family makes some of the best cigars in the biz. Try each of their great blends and save big time bucks! We've revamped one of our most popular Oliva products to include some new cigars and give you a more complete assortment of their offerings. From the mild-mannered Connecticut Reserve to the powerhouse cigar that all other strong cigars are measured against the Oliva Serie V, there's literally a cigar in this bunch for everyone. The quality is not ever sacrificed in the hopes of sparing a dollar or some cents, but these Oliva classics are never really budget-busting as they offer excellent value for your money. Step on up and smoke some of the finest cigars in the industry. 


Our Meet Your Maker - Oliva 10-Cigar Sampler includes the following:


1 - Oliva Connecticut Reserve Toro - (Rated 89) - 6" x 50 - The pre-light aroma is a tantalizing sweetness and the draw can only be described as perfect. A complexity of flavors is omnipresent as the cigars transform throughout each half. What starts as a nice smooth toastiness transforms into an extremely pleasant spice and wood flavor.


1 - Oliva Master Blends 3 Robusto - (Rated 91) - 5" x 50 - The opening is a tidal wave of spicy Nicaraguan pepper and rich earth, soon followed by a bombarding flood of cedar and nutmeg. The finish is heavy and spicy, leaving a thick note of chocolate on the tip of the tongue. Oliva Master Blends 3 is a cigar that any serious connoisseur should get their hands on.


1 - Oliva Serie G Cameroon Torpedo - (Rated 91) - 6 1/2" x 52 - Serie G starts off with a burst of cedar and white pepper. The experience progresses with floral aromas and subtle hints of cinnamon and brown sugar. Oliva Serie G remains rock solid as a great choice for novices or anyone who wants a medium-bodied go-to cigar.


1 - Oliva Serie G Maduro Belicoso - (Rated 90) - 5" x 52 - Easy puffs produce clouds of white smoke that coat the palate with heavy amounts of pepper and Habano spice. The dark wrapper rounds out the profile with a heavy dose of cocoa and hints of java on the tip of the tongue. Full-bodied and complex, Serie G Maduro should be smoked by cigar lovers with a bit more experience.


1 - Oliva Serie O Habano Toro - (Rated 94) - 6" x 50 - The plentiful draw produces ultra-rich white smoke, bombarding the palate with heavy spice and hints of milk chocolate and cinnamon. Oliva Serie O is a cigar that every cigar smoker should try at least once. Full-bodied, yet mellow and never overpowering, Serie O is a great introduction to heavier cigars for a beginner or intermediate.


1 - Oliva Serie O Maduro Robusto - (Rated 90) - 5" x 50 - Starting off with a wave of mocha and dark chocolate, Serie O Maduro progresses with rich, earthy undertones. The finish is heavy and intense, and overall this stick is very complex, yet easy to enjoy


1 - Oliva Serie V Double Robusto - (Rated 92) - 5" x 54 - Beginning with a powerful blast of white pepper and unmistakeable Nicaraguan spice, this oily flavor bomb shows absolutely no mercy as it transitions into a rich, woody adventure speckled along the way with notes of coffee, cedar, and cocoa. It packs a huge punch, both flavor- and strength-wise, and finishes with a thick slathering of earth across the palate. 


1 - Oliva Serie V Melanio Robusto - (Rated 96) - 5" x 52 - The first light gives off billows of blue smoke, slathering the palate with a massive dose of ligero spice. The earthy introduction soon turns sweet as hints of coffee and dark chocolate become apparent and the spice further intensifies. Oliva Serie V Melanio is a “connoisseur's only” cigar meant for experienced palates.


1 - Flor de Oliva Original Toro - 6" 50 - A sweetened tip, plus a robust, spicy Nicaraguan blend make Flor de Oliva an exceptionally well-rounded smoking experience. Flor de Oliva starts off with a warm avalanche of white pepper, then settles to a smooth mixture of earthy, grassy flavors and raw tobacco.


1 - Flor de Oliva Maduro Toro - 6" x 50 - Flor de Oliva Maduro starts off with a spicy wave of Nicaraguan pepper, which is then followed by heavy, earthy flavors with notes of oak and coffee. Nuances of cocoa and black cherry pop up here and there, and the finish is very full and peppery.

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