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MYM - Kristoff Matador Cigar Sampler

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Kristoff Cigars, founded by Glen Case in 2004, is one of the fastest growing boutique brands of cigars in the world. Every Kristoff cigar is made from the finest of double and triple fermented tobaccos from around the world and blended by some of the best master blenders with years of Cuban cigar-making experience. Whether you like incredibly full-bodied Kristoff Ligero Maduro cigars or more smooth and mild Kristoff Brittania cigars, there is a Kristoff cigar for you. Our Meet Your Maker Kristoff Cigar Sampler is the ideal way to try out a Kristoff in their most sought after size.


Our Meet Your Maker - Kristoff Matador Cigar Sampler includes the following:


1 – Kristoff Cameroon Matador – 6 1/2” x 56 – Rated 88 - Cameroon cigars are known for being ‘spicy’ but once again the long rest gifted to the wrapper has transformed this characteristic into something more. Baking spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon are clearly evident, but there is a full roster of almonds and earth and creamy cedar to round out the profile.


1 – Kristoff Connecticut Matador – 6 1/2” x 56 – Rated 87 - Warm caramel sweetens the more pungent nutmeg and black coffee that appear during the first third ripening to toffee, marzipan, and espresso, the flavors presented to the palate around the halfway mark with carrying you through to the end on smooth clouds of bright white.


1 - Kristoff Corojo Limitada Matador - 6 1/2" x 56 – Rated 90 - The stick opens up with a woody profile and hints of leather. There are a subtle spice and a touch of licorice as well. The finish is short and peppery, yet smooth at the same time. Very balanced and straightforward.


1 - Kristoff Criollo Matador - 6 1/2" x 56 – Rated 89 - Strong aspects of cedar and earth mixed with an almost citrus nature which was very pleasant. By the last half of the Criollo, the floral tendencies became muted, and we were left with a fantastic smoke with a wood-like quality.


1 – Kristoff Habano Matador – 6 1/2" x 56 - Beginning with wood, white pepper, and dark, earthy flavor, Kristoff Habano mellows out to a fabulous concoction of subtle taste notes, including cocoa, nuts, and cinnamon. Spicy on the draw, sweet on the finish, Kristoff Habano is smooth, balanced, and just complex enough to stay interesting along the journey.


1 - Kristoff Kristania 60 - 5 1/2" x 60 - While there is some spice in the initial puffs, this quickly subsided to reveal a cocoa and cedar core. This densely packed smoke had an easy draw and seemed to last forever.


1 - Kristoff Ligero Criollo Matador - 6 1/2" x 56 - The filler is made up of 70% Nicaraguan ligero, giving this stogie a blast of spice which never lets up from foot-to-nub. We noticed definite cedar and leather notes lingering after the spice subsided with each puff.


1 - Kristoff Ligero Maduro Matador - 6 1/2" x 56 – Where the Criollo of this line had a spicy blast at first, the maduro was a much more subtle first puff. The more we smoked, the more flavors and complexities come through. Strongly prevalent throughout this cigar were tastes of dark chocolate and espresso.


1 - Kristoff Maduro Matador - 6 1/2" x 56 - A densely packed cigar, there was a sweet almost chocolate aroma before lit. After the first few draws, which was effortless, this sweet flavor continued and mixed with a slightly bitter espresso note.


1 - Kristoff Premium Selection Matador – 6 1/2” x 56 - The draw is open and smooth, delivering plenty of smoke filled with a crisp tobacco flavor. There’s a good deal of cedar to be experienced, plus some nutmeg and white pepper, resulting in a medium-bodied and reliable stick for any time enjoyment.


1 – Kristoff San Andres 6x60 – 6” x 60 - Awash with thick smoke, your palate will delight in the coffee and crème brulee that accompany the black pepper and rich earthiness forming the foundation of the flavor profile. Bittersweet mocha and sweet spices flow freely during the steady second half of the stick, culminating in a medium-full finish as cool and smooth as the beginning.


1 - Kristoff Sumatra Matador - 6 1/2" x 56 - Rated 87 - The Kristoff Sumatra is a Medium-bodied cigar with woody, grassy, sweet dried fruit, spice, and cinnamon flavors blended with a smooth, soft touch of leather. The spices of this stick have a tendency to sit at the back of your throat throughout the smoke.


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