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MYM - Fonseca Goes to Spain Cigar Sampler

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Fonseca is a cigar brand that many of us overlook. With many of their cigars produced at Fabrica de Tobacos in the city of Santiago in the Dominican Republic, this company has been around for quite some time. Fonseca has been known as cigars for the mild to medium bodied crowd for decades now. As part of SAG Imports, Fonseca shares distribution and other resources with Quesada, Casa Magna, and others.


Named to Cigar Aficionado’s Best Budget Sticks for 2016, the Fonseca Nicaragua Toro is one of the newer offerings from the crew at MATASA. It is a Nicaraguan puro, which we believe is a first for the Fonseca company and these cigars are rolled at Nestor Plasencia’s factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. It will bring to you notes of earth, coffee, tobacco and leather during your smoking experience.


A few years back Fonseca took a bold step in the other direction when they produced the Fonseca Cubano Limitado cigar. It is a medium to full bodied cigar blended by Manuel Quesada, that has some smokey, sweet bbq, cedar and Cubanesque flavors to it.


Coming back to more of a middle ground among the Fonseca line, you will find the Fonseca Cubano Exclusivo which is a medium bodied selection with notes of earth, woods, and pepper. Fonseca uses a Dominican Havana Vuelta Arriba wrapper, something not commonly seen with other cigars.


The Quesada Espana is a cigar that shouldn’t need an introduction. Once a release only available in Spain, it was blended by some blenders from Spain along with Manuel Quesada. Blended with the tastes of Spanish smokers in mind, Cubanesque flavors that would be familiar to them with some added notes as a result of the Nicaraguan tobacco used to produce these cigars, also at the Plasencia factory. The demand for this cigar was so high that Quesada has made them available to all retailers


The MYM - Fonseca Goes to Spain Cigar Sampler includes the following:

2 - Fonseca Nicaragua Toro (Rated 90) – 6” x 50
2 - Fonseca Cubano Limitado Toro (Rated 90) – 6” x 50
2 - Fonseca Cubano Exclusivo Robusto (Rated 91) – 5 1/2” x 52
2 - Quesada Espana Robusto (Rated 91) – 5” x 52

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