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MYM - Flor de Oliva Churchill Sampler

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The Oliva Cigar Company has been a huge name in the cigar industry for decades now and they are known for having one of the broadest and most solid line-ups of cigars in the business. Everyone has heard of the Serie G, Serie O, Serie V and Serie V Melanio along with the Connecticut Reserve line and the Maduro counterparts for many of these lines but a lesser known cigar is their budget line, Flor de Oliva. Made with premium long-fill tobacco, these budget sticks come in a variety of sizes, and one of four wrapper leaves all for around $50 a bundle. We have put together 2 of the Churchill size cigars from each of the four wrapper types to bring you the Meet Your Maker – Flor de Oliva Churchill cigar sampler.

Flor de Oliva Original - A sweetened tip, plus a robust, spicy Nicaraguan blend make Flor de Oliva an exceptionally well-rounded smoking experience. Flor de Oliva starts off with a warm avalanche of white pepper, then settles to a smooth mixture of earthy, grassy flavors and raw tobacco. The simple flavor profile is accompanied by a clean, easy finish, and the aroma given off by Flor de Oliva is simply amazing. This is what many may consider a traditional, “old-school” cigar.

Flor de Oliva Corojo - The Flor de Oliva Corojo is a Nicaraguan puro consisting of robust Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos wrapped in an exquisite Nicaraguan Corojo leaf. The result is a cigar that tastes as if it were three times the price that it sells for. This reddish, toothy cigar opens up with smooth, peppery flavors and settles into a medley of wood and grass. There is subtle spice throughout and a robust presence of earthy taste that holds the whole package together. They are solidly constructed and perform like ultra-premium sticks, despite their very low price point.

Flor de Oliva Gold - Flor de Oliva Gold consists of an earthy blend of Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos inside a golden brown Connecticut wrapper. Mild-to-medium, this premium quality stick was an instant hit from it's inception. Starting off with grassy, earthy flavors, Flor De Oliva Gold graduates in strength and complexity, as notes of coffee, white pepper, and raw tobacco become apparent. The smoke is thick and creamy, and the flavor profile is incredibly consistent for a bundle cigar.

Flor de Oliva Maduro – Flor de Oliva Maduro contains the same Nicaraguan filler and binder blend as the other Flor de Oliva varieties, yet is finished with a jet-black Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper. This execution is more earthy and rich than the others, making Flor de Oliva Maduro a huge hit among seasoned connoisseurs wanting an affordable everyday smoke. Flor de Oliva Maduro starts off with a spicy wave of Nicaraguan pepper, which is then followed by heavy, earthy flavors with notes of oak and coffee. Nuances of cocoa and black cherry pop up here and there, and the finish is both peppery and very full. This cigar is ideal for intermediate cigar enthusiasts that want to get into a fuller-bodied maduro category.

Our MYM – Flor de Oliva Churchill Sampler includes:

2 - Flor de Oliva Original Churchill (7" x 50, ●●●○○ Medium)
2 - Flor de Oliva Corojo Churchill (7" x 50, ●●●○○ Medium)
2 - Flor de Oliva Gold Churchill (7" x 50, ●○○○○ Mild)
2 - Flor de Oliva Maduro Churchill (7" x 50, ●●●○○ Medium)

Additional Information
Strength Assortment
Brand Flor de Oliva
Size 7 x 50
Wrapper Assortment
Binder Assortment
Filler Assortment
Origin Nicaragua
Shape Churchill


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