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MYM - Drew Estate Infused Anthology Sampler Part II

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MYM - Drew Estate Infused Anthology Sampler Part II is our latest Drew Estate sampler and a fresh follow up to the highly desired Drew Estate Infused Anthology Sampler, and now includes more of our best sellers. There is no one that makes flavored or infused cigars with as much fanfare as Drew Estate. Whether you are looking for the heavily infused Acid line, the much more subtle and sweet Larutan/Natural, or the coffee flavored Tabak Especial, Drew Estate has you covered. What makes these cigars even better is not just the flavor but also the fact that each is an amazingly well made cigar. If you want a great introduction to the Drew Estate line of cigars, or ever thought about giving a flavored cigar a try, this is the sampler to get - especially at its drastically reduced price.

Our Meet Your Maker - Drew Estate Infused Anthology Sampler Part II includes:

2 x Drew Estate Larutan/Natural Dirt Torpedo (5" x 52, ●●●○○ Medium) Connecticut broadleaf wrapper, sweet, hints of nuts & mocha.

2 x Drew Estate ACID Kuba Kuba (5" x 54, ●●●○○ Medium) Sumatra wrapper; sweet herbs & botanicals.

2 x Drew Estate ACID Blondie Belicoso (5" x 54, ●●○○○ Mild-Medium) Connecticut Shade wrapper, flavor powerhouse cigar; slightly sweet

2 x Drew Estate ACID Kuba Kuba Maduro (5" x 54, ●●●○○ Medium) Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, a richer, darker twist on the original Kuba Kuba.

2 x Drew Estate ACID Cold Infusion Tea (6.7" x 44, ●●●○○ Medium) Connecticut Shade wrapper, lighter, refreshing taste.

2 x Drew Estate Tabak Especial Toro Dulce (6" x 52, ●●●○○ Medium) Nicaraguan Connecticut Shade wrapper; coffee infused.

2 x Drew Estate Tabak Especial Toro Negra (6" x 52, ●●●○○ Medium) Nicaraguan Broadleaf wrapper; coffee infused.

Additional Information
Strength Assortment
Brand Drew Estate
Packaging Pack of 14
Size Assorted
Wrapper Assortment
Binder Assortment
Filler Assortment
Origin Nicaragua
Shape Assortment


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