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The original Chillin’ Moose cigar was released in 2014 by Foundry, a collection of cigars launched a couple of years earlier by the highly respected Michael Giannini. Foundry then became Forged, home of some of your favorite brands like Diesel, La Gloria Cubana and Partagas, and they continue to produce some of the world’s best stogies to this day. The various Chillin’ Moose blends are Forged budget stogies, but still blended and rolled with as much dedication to quality as any of their other sticks.

Our custom Meet Your Maker Chillin' Moose Cigar Sampler is packed with ten hand-picked cigars that showcase five different blends containing tobaccos from Nicaragua, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, and the United States. Each different wrapper is going to give you a completely different flavor profile that ranges from the milder and creamy Chillin’ Moose Shady Moose to the flavorful full body Chillin' Moose Bull Moose Maduro.

Chillin’ Moose cigars are popular among cigar enthusiasts for their value and quality, making it a great option for both beginners and experienced cigar smokers. You may ask yourself why a moose? And why is he chillin'? Well, we think it’s to give a laid-back, relaxed, and fun vibe to the cigar brand. So, kick back and chill, Cigar Place has you covered with the Meet Your Maker Chillin' Moose Cigar Sampler, a more casual and approachable smoking experience to explore all the offerings of the Chillin' Moose brand.

Meet Your Maker - Chillin' Moose Cigar Sampler Includes:

2 x Chillin' Moose Shady Moose Gigante
(6" x 60, ●●○○○ Mild-Medium). Launched in 2023 and loaded with a four-country blend of premium longleaf tobaccos from Nicaragua, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and the United States, with Mexico providing the binder and Ecuador the source of the silky-smooth Connecticut Shade wrapper. You’ll have flavors of cedar and white pepper coat your palate. The middle of the smoke is flushed with nutmeg, sweet vanilla cream, fresh hay, and a hint of bitter herb, while the long and lingering finale adds a rich one-two punch of cafe con leche and earthy brown sugar.

2 x Chillin' Moose Gigante (6" x 60, ●●○○○ Mild-Medium). Handmade in Nicaragua, this long filler cigar consists of a 4-country filler blend containing tobacco from Nicaragua, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and the USA. An Ecuadorian binder, along with an exotic Connecticut Habano Rosado wrapper leaf, make this one heck of a masterpiece. Beginning with a classic raw tobacco flavor, Chillin' Moose then rounds out with hints of earth and citrus, as well as a bit of sweetness on the finish.

2 x Chillin' Moose Too Gigante (6" x 60, ●●●○○ Medium). With this cigar, they have upped the strength and doubled the flavor by blending a variety of juicy and robust Nicaraguan tobaccos and stuffing them into a leathery Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper carrying a hefty amount of tooth. The aroma is rich tobacco and cedar overall, but some chocolate can be discerned wafting from the foot. The vitola is nicely firm and sits heavy in the hand, the thickly bunched filler also providing a smooth draw that fills the mouth with smoke. Sweet with vanilla and spice up front, it doesn't take long for beefier flavors to come charging out of the wilderness: coffee, cocoa, and black pepper the most obvious. Through to the end, the cigar remains a steady medium in strength.

2 x Chillin’ Moose Bull Moose Gigante (6" x 60, ●●●○○ Medium-Full). The strongest of the Moose blends, a full-bodied Nicaraguan Puro loaded with sticky-sweet Habano longleaf as filler, binder, and wrapper. Heavy in the hand with a leathery appearance and aroma, even the most patient of aficionados will be racing to grab their best cutter and strongest lighter. Opening with an earthy cocoa and black pepper blast, the thick smoke soon delivers the flavors of dark-roasted coffee, cashew nuts, and a touch of rum raisin-like sweetness. It takes patience to enjoy these massive cigars, but you’ll be well rewarded with smoking satisfaction every time.

2 x Chillin' Moose Bull Moose Maduro Gigante (6" x 60, ●●●○○ Medium-Full). A wonderful mouth-watering Nicaraguan Puro, each cigar is handmade using only the finest and most succulent longleaf Habano grown in that country’s rich volcanic soil. Skillfully blended and rolled to perfection into big fat vitolas before being topped with an oily sleek Maduro wrapper. From the moment the broad juicy foot is lit, your palate will be flooded with mocha, tanned leather, and roasted and salted almonds. A veritable smoke machine once the burn line reaches the sweet spot, sit back and explore the thick, fragrant clouds to discover oak, rich dark earth, bright sparks of citrus, and hints of cinnamon and star anise.

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Additional Information
Strength Assortment
Brand Foundry Chillin' Moose
Packaging Pack of 10
Size 6 x 60
Wrapper Assortment
Binder Assortment
Filler Assortment
Origin Assortment
Shape Gordo
Rating filter No
Weight 0.55 lb


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