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CAO has long been a solid name in the cigar game. Though since their sale to General Cigar company many smokers were scared that the CAO they had grown to know and love would lose their innovative edge and commitment to quality control. However, those fears seem to be completely unfounded as they continue to put forth solid performers day in and day out. CAO also appears to be putting forth new and industry leading blends from time to time over the last few years with a handful of big hits, most notably, CAO Amazon Basin.


With this new CAO All Star Cigar Sampler, we are treated to some of the old-school goodness that was part of Ozenger’s rise to building his beloved CAO company and man what a trip down memory road these sticks are...


The CAO All Star Cigar Sampler includes the following cigars:

2 - CAO Black Ltd. Bengal - 6" x 50 - Creamy, spicy, vanilla laden woodsy flavors, this is the first and original blend from CAO that features a Connecticut wrapper and a triple threat filler to really please your palate.


2 - CAO 'VR' Moby - 6" x 50 - CAO VR cigars are Brazilian Arapiraca Maduro wrapped and Nicaraguan and Mexican long-filled cigars with doses of sweetness, pepper, leather and chocolatey, earthy goodness.


2 - CAO Brazilia Gol! - 5" x 56 - 90-Rated - The CAO Brazilia starts with a bang, offering up coffee and black pepper, and some extra spiciness slides in for the second half, including hints of clove as the flavor develops.


2 - CAO Italia Ciao - 5" x 56 - 92-Rated -  Flavorful, rich, and potent, CAO Italia begins with a chocolatey sweetness that intensifies as the cigar progresses. There are bold, earthy flavors, along with an array of spicy pepper and some sweet floral notes as well.


2 - CAO Mx2 Robusto - 5" x 52 - 88-Rated - This dark beauty starts off with a rich combination of coffee and cocoa. Underlying nuances of caramel, cinnamon, and earthy tobacco round out a complex, spicy flavor profile, and the finish is long and heavy.

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