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MYM - AVO The Legend Cigar Sampler

AVO cigars are named for jazz pianist legend Avo Uvezian, who came to the US from Lebanon to study at The Juilliard School in New York City. As the story goes, Avo had purchased a cigar for the birth of his daughter and was highly displeased with it. He later eventually took a trip to the Dominican Republic to try going about making his own brand of cigars. While there, he met Henke Kelner Jr. of Davidoff, who started blending and producing cigars for Uvezian; the rest is history. Since then, AVO has become one of the most widely recognized brands on the market.

There is something different about each AVO blend, and there is one out there for nearly every kind of smoker. From the AVO Syncro releases that took the world by storm to one of the most famous cigars ever made, the AVO Classic. We bring each of them to you in our Meet Your Maker – AVO Cigar Sampler.

Our Meet Your Maker (MYM) – AVO The Legend Cigar Sampler includes the following:

1 x AVO Classic Maduro No. 2 (6" x 54, ●●●○○ Medium, Rated 91). Made in the Dominican Republic, this stick features all Dominican filler and binder tobacco and a dark, oily Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper. All tobaccos used in the production of this cigar are aged a minimum of 3 years, including a 25-year-old tobacco as part of the rich filler blend. A hint of spice through the nose adds another element to the experience, along with creamy flavors and hints of coffee and dark chocolate as the cigar progresses. Though simple, the flavor profile exhibits all the classic traits that can be expected from an ultra-premium maduro cigar, demonstrating immense balance and velvety smoothness to the very last draw.

1 x AVO XO Legato (6" x 54, ●●●○○ Medium, Rated 87). This stick has a rich blend of high-grade Dominican filler and binder tobacco finished with a luxurious Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper leaf. Extra-fermented and long-aged, the amazing tobacco used to produce XO can just about be considered one-of-a-kind. Rolled so precisely as to produce a firm yet plentiful draw, Avo XO pours forth heavy blue smoke that slathers the palate with a luxurious array of refined flavors, including cedar, molasses, raw tobacco, and earth. A hint of brandy and a sweet, clean finish ties everything together.

1 x AVO Syncro Nicaragua Toro (6" x 54, ●●●●○ Medium-Full, Rated 93). Selected by Cigar Aficionado as the 2015 #16 Cigar Of The Year. This cigar is perfectly named because of the synchronization of the flavors of the Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, a binder from the Dominican Republic, and a tri-country filler blend of Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Peruvian tobacco that play perfectly off each other just like an exquisitely written song. This cigar starts off with an amazing amount of pepper and spice but has a smooth transition halfway through into a more creamy and earthy flavor. Each puff brings on more and more tasting notes until you hit the crescendo in the final third, where they all play off each other.

1 x AVO Classic No. 2 (6" x 50, ●○○○○ Mild, Rated 90). Ultra-premium Dominican filler and binder tobaccos sit inside a golden Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper leaf, well-aged and fermented just right to produce the finest flavor. Superbly constructed and seamlessly rolled, Avo Classic produces billowing clouds of thick, white smoke. Creamy and earthy, the simple yet satisfying flavor bouquet boasts nuances of light caramel, soft pepper, and raw tobacco. The finish is simple, light, and clean and the overall body of the cigar is mild-medium. Even for a mild cigar, the level of velvety smoothness is mind-blowing with Avo Classic.

1 x AVO Heritage Toro (6" x 50, ●●●●○ Medium-Full, Rated 90). Enjoy this cigar's delicious Dominican longleaf filler that's harmoniously layered beneath the magnificent Ecuadorian Sungrown wrapper. Ruddy and rugged beneath a silver, black, and gold band, the aromatic Ecuadorian Sungrown wrapper is nonetheless flawlessly laid over the top of the thickly bunched Dominican binder and filler to create an excellent cold draw full of sweet hay. Blended with the utmost precision, the flavors of every lit Heritage cigar roll across the palate in contrasting waves of almonds, earth, spice, dark chocolate, and cedar. This smoke is a masterpiece of collaborative art.

1 x AVO Syncro Ritmo Toro (6" x 54, ●●●●○ Medium-Full, Rated 89). This cigar has a blend of tobaccos from seven different South of the Border countries, all selected for their unique qualities. A hearty portion of Brazilian filler is added to the recipe, also containing longleaf from Nicaragua, Honduras, Peru, and the Dominican Republic. The Mexican binder and an Ecuadorian wrapper complete the roster. A rush of black pepper and toasted almonds are presented in the first few slow draws. The sweet spot offers a touch of heat to compliment the dark chocolate, exotic spices, roasted coffee beans, and earth. These flavors only intensify and meld as the cigar marches towards the inevitable finish.

1 x AVO Syncro Nicaragua Fogata Toro (6" x 54, ●●●●○ Medium-Full, Rated 89). Exquisitely built by some of the best torcedors in the business, blending finely aged ligero from Esteli and seco from Condega with a variety of Dominican tobacco finished with a Mexican San Andres binder and Ecuadorian Habano 2000 wrapper. From the start, the Nicaraguan ligero plus some Dominican San Vicente ligero adds a definite bite to the smoke, weaving black pepper and char into a foundation upon which all other flavors reside. Flavors like roast coffee, salted caramel, cinnamon, and orange peel are also present to temper the experience and create a lasting impression.

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