Macanudo Bourbon In Your Coffee Cigar Sampler

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Macanudo Bourbon In Your Coffee Cigar Sampler

Everyone knows bourbon and coffee go great with cigars, but what happens when bourbon and coffee are IN your cigars? Well, we here at Cigar Place are always looking for ways to bring the newest and hottest treats to our beloved customers, and this time we have put together one heck of an innovative sampler. Let's face it, some people love flavored cigars; some hate them. In the cigar world, it's a fact of life. But these sticks here aren't your run-of-the-mill soupy and goopy cheapies. Quite the contrary as here we have some of the most elegantly built infused cigars on the market: M by Macanudo and M Bourbon by Macanudo, the first flavored cigars offered by the legendary Dominican-based cigar powerhouse. Even if you are sternly anti-flavor when it comes to cigars, these babies just might change your mind.

On the one side, we have M by Macanudo, a delectable coffee-infused treat made for the serious connoisseur that loves to enjoy a steamy cup o' Joe alongside a precision-rolled premium cigar. The other component of this lovely sampler is M Bourbon, which takes everything that was great and celebrated about the original M and replaces the coffee flavor with rich, boozy bourbon. Both offerings reside on the medium-bodied side and are easy choices for cigar snobs of all experience levels. After lighting up, feel free to grab the drink of your choice if you wish, but after a few puffs, it's easy to realize that with either of these incredible blends, your coffee and bourbon is already mixed in!

This cigar sampler includes:

5 x M Bourbon by Macanudo Robusto (5” x 50.●●○○○ Mild-Medium) - A classically delicious and medium-bodied smoke built from fine Ecuadoran and Dominican longleaf is transformed by the essences of aged Bourbon, cherry, and aromatic bitters to make a flavorful and inspired treat. Charred oak, caramel, and leather greet the palate during the first sips of the cool, voluminous smoke, with the sweet malt, spice, and vanilla of quality whiskey ever-present. The cherry, shifting from maraschino to black and back, is never overwhelming while serving as a sweet counterpoint to the bitters best experienced during the exhale.

5 x M by Macanudo Toro (6” x 50,●●●○○ Medium) - Containing longleaf Nicaraguan filler, a Philippine Isabella binder, and a finely aged Indonesian Bezuki wrapper, the M has been carefully imbued with the essence of single origin coffee from Colombia. The result is a truly magnificent medium-bodied confection. The rich brown wrapper beneath the boldly styled band is smooth to the touch and exudes a mocha-like aroma before tempting the lips with a syrupy kiss. In addition to the robust cane sugar and coffee-with-cream flavors which form the foundation of the smoke, the palate can expect to find all the regular hallmarks of a premium Nicaraguan cigar, such as cedar, leather, baking spices, earth, and dark cocoa.

The Macanudo Bourbon In Your Coffee Cigar Sampler is well-matched with an evening's after-dinner cocktail or with a rich black coffee on a lazy Sunday morning for a delightful contrast in flavors.

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