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*La Perla Habana Cazadores Toro

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To say we’re a little excited about the La Perla Habana Cazadores Toro cigar is quite an understatement. First of all, you have to remember that as a whole the La Perla Habana brand has been raking in the accolades and 90+ ratings from day one, so we’re already biased towards that proven track record. From mild and sweet to rugged and bold, each of their fine handmade cigars reflects a commitment to flavor and quality, another huge plus. Finally, and of utmost importance, is the rich mixed-filler blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos layered beneath a silky Ecuadorian Habano wrapper to create a palate-pleasing and medium-strength smoke at a price you still won’t believe after smoking the last of the bundle.


A handful of La Perla Habana Cazadores Toros are not the most glamorous looking collection of sticks ever to be rolled in the Dominican Republic, but it’s not like you’re here for a beauty pageant. What matters is the flavor awaiting beneath the gold, red, and white band, and once you dig into the syrupy goodness provided to the palate via chewy clouds of smoke you’ll forget all about the rugged exterior. At first sweet with plenty of nuts and milk chocolate, the profile slowly expands to include a kick of black pepper backing a more prominent and smooth earthiness. There are hints of nutmeg and perhaps some citrus as the surprisingly steady burn line creeps ever closer to the fingers.


It’s a good sign that the bargain-hunting smoker has so many options nowadays when it comes to bundled budget cigars, but the La Perla Habana Cazadores Toro might just be the top of the heap. Containing far too much flavor and enjoyment than the super-cheap price should allow, even the more well-heeled among us can’t go wrong with having some of these fine 6” X 50 sticks on hand to take golfing or boating. That’s what the rest of us are going to be doing with the bucks we saved buying our own stash.

Additional Information
Strength Medium
Brand La Perla Habana Cazadores
Size 6 x 50
Wrapper Criollo
Binder Unspecified
Filler Dominican, Nicaraguan
Origin Dominican Republic
Shape Toro


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