JetLine Super Torch Triple Flame Cigar Lighter

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JetLine Super Torch Triple Flame Cigar Lighter

Give your finest handmade cigars the respect they deserve by setting them on fire with a Jetline Super Torch lighter. Renowned makers of fine smoking accessories for many years, Jetline has taken the ever-popular Triple Torch and upgraded it with components of the highest quality to make the Super Torch perhaps their best lighter ever. Upgrades include more powerful burners to ensure your stogie's foot is evenly lit in minimal time. An even more precise flame adjuster, and a high-grade nylon and metal construction to keep the lighter going strong year after year.
While many other lighters try to woo you with fancy designs or unnecessary features, the Jetline Super Torch has it where it counts: performance. Capable of holding a massive amount of butane in its see-through tank, you can expect three reliable jets of blue flame, however far and long your search for the best tobacco takes you. Don't be fooled by lesser imitations. These quality lighters are the real deal and we've been able to price them so affordably you have no reason to spend any more time hunting for the right flame.

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Additional Information
Fuel Level Window Yes
Packaging Cellophane
Brand JetLine


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