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Gurkha Trinity Toro

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Gurkha Trinity Toro cigars are the latest and greatest from K. Hansotia and company down in Nicaragua, the same folks that knock out some of the biggest, baddest limited release cigars on the market. Trinity is not only special but super cool! The Gurkha Trinity set consists of 3 cigars, all different configurations, in their own special wooden box. The best part is that these 3 ultra-premium sticks cost less than just 1 or 2 typical cigars of similar stature, making them very economical and attainable for just about anyone that wants something amazing from Gurkha. The classic 6" x 50 Toro size is perfect for a couple hours of fine smoking enjoyment. The inner blend remains the same for all 3 cigars: Nicaraguan and Dominican long fillers and a Nicaraguan binder. For the wrappers, one cigar is Nicaraguan Habano, the second is Nicaraguan Maduro, and the third is a barber pole made with the two.  This set of cigars looks great, but they taste even better!


All of the Gurkha Trinity cigars are expertly constructed and smoke like a dream, delivering medium-bodied flavor profiles that are just a wee bit different from cigar to cigar. The main makeup of the subtly complex flavor profile consists of earth, leather, and cedar, with plenty of raw tobacco and black cherry notes. A pronounced white pepper blast and a grassy core flavor are noticeable on the natural version. For the maduro, there are hints of coffee and sweet spice that linger in the back of the throat. As for the barber pole variety, you basically get the best of both worlds. Its main attributes are a very strong earthiness and cinnamon, nutmeg, and cocoa on the finish. Regardless of the cigar you smoke, each of the Trinity cigars is mellow, pleasant, and very easy to enjoy.


Gurkha Trinity is a set of cigars aimed at more experienced smokers, but that’s not to say a newbie wouldn’t be able to enjoy them to the max. They all carry a distinct medium body and very simple flavor profiles that are easily identified. Regardless of the blend, Gurkha Trinity is a stick to pair with bourbon, scotch, or a medium-bodied wine to fully complement the flavor profiles. Similar cigars may include Gurkha Cellar Reserve and Gurkha Beauty, other fine stick made by the famous Gurkha Company that seems to have been around forever. Whether purchasing for yourself or looking to make a cigar freak very happy with a killer gift, Gurkha Trinity Toro is a perfect way to experience the masterful blending abilities offered by the fine folks at Gurkha Cigars.

Additional Information
Strength Assortment
Brand Gurkha
Size 6 x 50
Wrapper Assortment
Binder Nicaraguan
Filler Dominican, Nicaraguan
Origin Nicaragua
Shape Toro


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