Djarum Special (Filtered Cigars)

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Djarum Special Filtered Cigars

Djarum Cigar, formerly named 'Djarum Spice Island', this is the original exotic flavor you'd travel the globe to find if we didn't make it so dang easy. Warm, inviting, and oh so delicious.

From the backyard to the beach, to the park, to your favorite club or dive bar, and anywhere in between, the diminutive Djarum Special cigars will scratch that itch for very little scratch. When you need a flavorful smoke full of quality tobacco but are short on time, these little stogies from Indonesia will turn heads with their spicy, bold aromas and sparkling 'kretek' sound from the moment the sweet stick hits your lips. Wrapped in tobacco, whether filtered or unfiltered, in the basic clove style or something even more exotic, you can count on Djarum to provide an experience no other machine-made cigar can match. 

What’s so special about the Djarum Special anyway? We could explain it but then you’d be missing out. C’mon, live a little and see for yourself.

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Additional Information
Strength Flavored
Brand No
Size 2 1/2 x 20
Wrapper Unspecified
Binder Unspecified
Filler Unspecified
Origin Indonesia
Shape Cigarillo


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