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Davidoff Mini Cigarillos Nicaragua

  • Brick of 100
  • Tin of 20
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With some Davidoff Mini Cigarillos Nicaragua in your pocket, you don’t have to settle for mediocrity when you only have a few moments to indulge in your favorite hobby. If anyone knows how to pack limitless tobacco goodness into a smoke that can be enjoyed in as little as ten minutes it’s Davidoff, those purveyors of some of the best cigars on planet Earth. By taking even their smallest of cigarillos as seriously as any top of the line smoke, lucky aficionados end up with medium bodied treats comprised of aged Indonesian, Caribbean, and Brazilian filler without a binder but finished with a toasty and spicy Nicaraguan Habano wrapper.


There is function in the form so pay attention to which end to light as indicated by the packaging for maximum enjoyment. Consistent in construction and quality, each diminutive cigarillo sparks easily and produces fragrant smoke in enough volume to completely satisfy the palate with a smooth tobacco flavor. Time will slow to a crawl as the tongue discerns creamy, smooth flavors tucked into the silky plumes and then the experience will be over and the decision will need to be made to have another or get back to work. It will not be an easy choice.


We don’t need to tell you the best time to enjoy a Davidoff Club Cigarillo Nicaragua as we’re sure there have been a million times both day and night when you’ve needed to get your cigar fix but only had a few moments and nothing to scratch that itch. Now you don’t have to sweat throwing away a barely burned regular size cigar when you have these around, and since they’re dry-cured you can keep them on hand any- and everywhere to be available when you need them. Pick up a pack today and get ready to be happy.

Additional Information
Strength ●●●○○ Medium
Brand Davidoff
Size 3 1/2 x 20
Wrapper Habano
Binder Sumatra
Filler Dominican, Nicaraguan
Origin Denmark
Shape Cigarillo


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