Crowned Heads La Cosa Nica Seleccion Sampler

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Everyone whose anyone in the cigar sphere has smoked a Crowned Heads cigar in the last few years, and nearly all of them have come back with rave reviews about them. La Cosa Nica Selección Sampler includes cigars rolled for Crowned Heads in Nicaragua.


With Jericho Hill displaying a stylish and simplistic black and silver band, the flavor is as complex as the music which inspired the name. Jet black, there is a sweetness that wafts past your nose getting you prepared for that first puff. As with most cigars from the My Father factory, the first inch or so is a pepper blast, but that quickly subsides and lets the wonderful flavors of the San Andres Maduro wrapper be the star. The Jericho Hill OBS and LBV have a wonderful earthiness and a slight cocoa-like sweetness dances across your palate and finds the perfect partner with the white pepper that exudes through your retrohale.


La Imperiosa is relentlessly strong from the get-go, unleashing a typhoon of Nicaraguan pepper across the palate that remains throughout the experience. La Imperiosa Magicos and Double Robusto brings bold flavors of sweet nuts and red pepper bombard the taste buds along with a chewy, coffee-like finish and even more spice on the retrohale.


Las Mareas Olas and Tuberia has a level of complexity that is absolutely mind-boggling. Las Mareas starts off tame, pleasantly slathering the palate with light cedar and nutty notes. No blasts of spice, no intense strength. It seems like something Don Pepin would have no part in blending. However, as the razor-sharp ash grows longer and the cigar progresses, Las Mareas begins to show its true colors, or more appropriately relating to the cigar's name, "the tide begins to roll in." About halfway through, the Las Mareas changes course completely. The cedar turns to rich tobacco, the nuttiness turns to white pepper, and all of Don Pepin's trademarks become apparent. A sweet caramel flavor seems to linger in the background, and a sweet floral note hits the nose on the finish.


Whichever offering from Crowned Heads you decide to grab first, it will be a tantalizing experience.


La Cosa Nica Selección Sampler includes:

1 - Jericho Hill OBS - 4 3/4 x 52

1 - Jericho Hill LBV - 6 1/2 x 46

1 - La Imperiosa Magicos - 4 1/2 x 52

1 - La Imperiosa Double Robusto - 6 3/8 x 50

1 - Las Mareas Olas - 6 1/8 x 46

1 - Las Mareas Tuberia - 4 1/2 x 48

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