Cohiba Red Dot Miniatures

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 Cohiba Red Dot Miniatures Cigars

These cigars are perhaps the most iconic cigars in the world. A picture of one should be in each and every dictionary, encyclopedia, and online resource next to the definition of the word 'cigar'. Heck, just replace the definition with the picture and call it a day. Though others may be apt to call this by another common name, the Cohiba Red Dot cigars, to help distinguish it from its Cuban counterpart. Spend the time saved by lighting one up and seeing if you can figure out how to blow smoke rings. With over two hours of cool, fragrant enjoyment, it's not like you'll be rushed. Sit back and take your time enjoying the famously smooth and balanced flavors created by the perfect combination of three types of aged Dominican Piloto Cubano filler, rare and unique Indonesian Jember binder, and sultry Cameroon wrapper.
With the quality of construction and classic presentation, you'd expect, the Cohiba Red Dot Miniatures will have you feeling like a million bucks each time you cut or punch into the solid cap and take that first sweet draw. Try not to drool too much as you apply a flame and resist the temptation to hurry things along since the cigar will light easily and the full-flavored smoke will soon thicken to coat your mouth with creamy spices and a robust peppery kick. A sweet almond nuttiness and a black-soil earthiness become part of the tour after a couple of inches, but there's a long way to go and many sights to see before laying down the nub.
In the end, the most amazing thing about the Cohiba Red Dot might just be the low, low price at! Did you ever think you could get a Cohiba, let alone one this size, for such a small amount of cash? Fill your humidor and make it your everyday stogie, hand 'em out by the truckload to friend and foe alike, make a pile in the middle of the floor and roll around until you're covered in red dots. It's like winning the lottery however you decide to enjoy them. 

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Additional Information
Strength ●●●○○ Medium
Brand Cohiba
Size 3 7/8 x 24
Wrapper African Cameroon
Binder Indonesian
Filler Dominican
Origin Dominican Republic
Shape Cigarillo
Rating filter No
Weight 0.00 lb


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