Camacho Scorpion Triple Torch Lighter

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Camacho Scorpion Triple Torch Lighter by JetLine makes sparking up a stick a cinch. This lighter features a state of the art piezo electronic quartz crystal instant ignition system and a powerful wind resistant triple torch flame.

When you pick this lighter up, you can easily see the effort that was put into it's design. It has a unique single action "squeeze" ignition system, with a retracting gated lid that protects the burners from dust, dirt and debris. You'll never find yourself guessing how much gas is left with the large, transparent fuel tank. The base of the lighter also has a flip out punch cutter, which also gives easy access to the flame adjuster and refill port.

With it's rugged and durable metal construction, premium quality finish, and lifetime warranty, the Camacho Scorpion Triple Torch Lighter just might be the ultimate cigar lighter.

Additional Information
Color Black
Fuel Level Window Yes
Packaging Box of 1
Brand JetLine


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