Camacho Coyolar Super Toro

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The myth, the legend, the Camacho Coyolar Super Toro cigar. Last seen ‘round these parts circa 2013, it has returned in our time of greatest need, assuming that need is for a smoke built for massive amounts of flavor and body while still remaining approachable to most aficionados. As part of the early lineup that first put Camacho on the map, the Coyolar quietly faded into the background as newer, flashier sticks were released to further cement the brand’s legacy as a purveyor of some of the most deliciously potent sticks on the planet. Now, with filler, binder, and wrapper handmade into splendid vitolas using the original recipe of Criollo tobaccos still grown on the same small 15-acre plot in Honduras, this cigar has returned to claim its spot on the roster as a first-stringer.

For the old school smokers out there, even if disregarding the red triangle embossed foot band there’s no mistaking the frontmark’s modern and oversized black and gray ‘Camacho’ band for the diminutive original, but the scents wafting from the Coyolar’s barrel will bring you right back home. Redolent of alfalfa and exotic spice, the bright fragrance is more reminiscent of a sweet, fresh-rolled stogie than a well-aged cigar. As soon as the foot is ablaze, however, the Camacho Coyolar Super Toro proves to be no flash in the pan. At once peppery and bold, there’s an undercurrent of smooth leather and buttery biscuit to soften the blow. A syrupy mocha on the tongue adds cream to the cinnamon and nutmeg found in the retrohale, while the smoke’s floral aroma adds a nice counterpoint to the later stage earthy peat, molasses, orange peel, and walnut that make themselves known.

Camacho is well regarded for their skills when it comes to fiery Corojo tobacco, but the Camacho Coyolar Super Toro shows they also know their way around the less familiar yet equally rewarding Criollo. A delectable medium-full in strength that should appeal to the masses, this 6” X 52 cigar is still able to deliver enough complexity to challenge the most jaded of palates. Feel free to try out some other sticks that feature Criollo longleaf such as the Curivari Reserva Limitada or La Galera Maduro to see if they measure up.

Additional Information
Strength ●●●●● Full
Brand Camacho
Size 6 x 52
Wrapper Honduran
Binder Honduran
Filler Honduran
Origin Honduras
Shape Toro
Rating filter N/A
Weight 0.00 lb


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