The Best XIKAR® Cigar Accessories

The Best XIKAR® Cigar Accessories
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XIKAR® Cigar Accessories

XIKAR is one of the best cigar accessories brands in the world. Their cigar lighters, cutters and humidors are sturdy, reliable, and sleek. All of their products feature simple-to-use yet sophisticated designs and are covered by the XIKAR limited lifetime warranty.

About XIKAR Cigar Humidors

XIKAR Cigar Humidors

XIKAR Cigar Travel Cases - XIKAR makes six different sizes of travel humidors for the right occasion. The travel humidor case size, number of cigars and temperature will determine how you maintain relative humidity.
• Each cigar travel case comes with:
• Super-strong ABS-molded plastic construction, airtight, watertight, crushproof
• Stainless steel hinge and latch hinges, molded Lock Ring for the addition of extra security
• High density urethane foam cradles and protects your cigars
Covered by XIKAR's Limited Lifetime Guarantee

Xikar Envoy Single Cigar Case: Each Envoy cigar case holds one, three or five cigars up to 54-ring gauge each, keeping any smoke safe with a modern style all its own. With top-grain leather, each piece has a well-dressed appearance and a soft feel. Contrast stitching secures the leather, giving it a contemporary look. The inner lining of the crush-proof case, crafted with genuine Spanish cedar, holds the ambient humidity of the cigar and projects the fresh cedar smell of a humidor on every opening. Stylish metal caps cover each end, reinforcing the strength of the case.

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About XIKAR Cigar Lighters

XIKAR has many lighters, choose from a soft flame to a quad torch. Often considered the best cigar lighters for every occasion. And if you're looking for a device that fulfills both cutting and lighting functions in a single portable package, you could do much worse than Xikar's Ultra Combo.

One Popular Compact Torch Cigar Lighter is the XIKAR Allume Single Jet Flame Lighter. The XIKAR Allume isn't particularly flashy but it's a reliable cigar torch lighter. The single jet flame is adjustable and you'll find a fuel level window on the front and back. The minimalistic design makes it extremely compact and easy to transport. Plus, the universal filling valve makes topping off fuel on the go easy. And if you ever run into any issues with this torch, XIKAR's cigar lighters are backed by a lifetime warranty.

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About Types of XIKAR Cigar Cutters

XIKAR Cigar CuttersIKAR Cigar Double Blade Cutters - Considered the best cigar cutters in the business, XIKAR cutters are bold, masculine, and beautifully engineered. The unique range of cigar cutters complements every cigar smoker's style and taste while providing ergonomic comfort, signature performance, precision engineering, and with an XIKAR lifetime warranty.

XIKAR Cigar V-Cutter - XIKAR's V-Cut has the workmanship and metal design to make any cigar cry. Inverted blade design produces a clean cut every time. Attractive metal V-Cut handles cigar caps up to 64 Ring Gauge. The VX Metal V-Cut Cutter produces a unique wedge-shaped notch on the cigar cap, sometimes referred to as a "cats-eye" cut. Contoured cutter body is the perfect place to hold your HC Series Cigar.

XIKAR Cigar Scissor Cutter - The ultimate men's tool! This lightweight, compact folding cigar scissors also includes a cigar poker, cigar box opener, screwdriver, and bottle opener. Cigar scissors can cut up to a 54 ring-gauge cigar. Handy for all occasions. Comes with key ring attachment for easy access. Total thickness: .2 inches. Total weight: 1.0 oz!

XIKAR Cigar Punch Cutter - Introducing a cigar punch perfect for any occasion. Simply pull the body of the punch in two and a razor-sharp 9mm punch is exposed. Punch the cigar & push the body back together to safely enclose the blade and release any loose tobacco.
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