Product Spotlight: Boveda Humidor Bags

Product Spotlight: Boveda Humidor Bags
7 years ago 1 comment

Boveda Humidity Packs

Quickly running out of storage in your humidor? Shipping your cigars a long distance and want to ensure that they stay fresh along the way? Need cheap short-term cigar storage for an event? Got a gift of cigars to give to an occasional cigar smoker and not sure if they have a humidor?

Well, we have got the answer for you! These are one of the newest products to hit our website and man, oh man are we sure pleased with them. They are the new Boveda Humidor Bags. Coming in 3 different sizes to suit the needs of just about every cigar smoker, these new humidification bags are here to revolutionize the way you think about cigar storage. These Boveda Humidor Bags are a high-barrier laminated cigar storage bag with a resealable zipper and a 69% Boveda Humidification pack inside. Boveda has long been the leader in cigar humidification storage devices since coming out with their patented 2-way humidity control packs.

Boveda Humidor Bags

This means that no matter where you are storing your cigars, you will be good to go as far as the humidity levels go. You will still have to keep the ambient temperature in mind, but the humidity level is not anything to worry about with Boveda Humidor Bags. You can keep one in the house, your jacket pocket, the summer home, on your boat, in your golf bag, or the glove box of that car you only drive on the weekends. Boveda 2-Way Humidification devices are designed and patented to add or remove moisture as necessary to maintain the needed moisture level to keep your cigars fresh and ready to smoke!

Boveda Humidor Bags

Boveda Humidor Bags are available in three different sizes to suit the needs of all customers. The sizes offered are as follows: Small – 4.5” x 9,” Medium – 11” x 8” and Large – 16” x 12.” The small size is perfect for holding 4-5 cigars. The medium size will hold 10-20 cigars when packed flat and more if they are just kind of shoved in there. The big daddy large size Boveda Humidor Bag will hold 1-2 boxes worth of cigars if kept in their boxes, depending, of course on box type and shape, and will hold considerably more cigars if taken out of their boxes. Though, we would recommend adding a few extra Boveda packs to the bag to help keep them lasting longer.

Boveda Humidor Bags

Boveda Humidor Bags will humidify your cigars for up to a year depending on the ambient humidity levels in your area. However, the bags are reusable, and all you would need to do is replace the Boveda pack when it becomes crispy and firm. Boveda packs are no longer useful or effective when you can no longer fold them in half. Luckily for you, we offer them in a variety of relative humidity points for you to be able to choose the right humidity point for you. However, don’t forget that all Boveda Humidor Bags come pre-equipped with 1 – 69% Boveda Humidification pack.

Boveda Humidification packBoveda Humidification pack

If you find that you have any questions about these Boveda Humidor Bags, just drop a comment down below, and Cigar Ninja Jessica will be happy to answer them for you. Alternatively, if you are feeling a bit self-conscious, feel free to shoot us an email directly at, and we will be glad to answer you there as well.

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CoolHandLuke 7 years ago at 4:10 AM
You can recharge boveda packs. Just leave them in a ziplock or Tupperware container for a week or so with a wet sponge in there. I've got ones I've had for 5 years plus and recharged a couple times.

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