Nicaragua’s Largest Cigar Factory: Drew Estate

Nicaragua’s Largest Cigar Factory: Drew Estate
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Drew Estate Cigars

Drew Estate Cigars

The journey of Drew Estate, Nicaragua’s largest cigar factory and one of the world’s top cigar manufacturing companies, had humble beginnings. Although the founders, Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samel, were novices in this industry, their passion for cigars and determination made Drew Estate a cigar manufacturing business to be reckoned with.

Drew Estate began its operations in 1996 in New York City out of a small 16-square-foot kiosk in World Trade Center. The first to enter the cigar business was Jonathan Drew, who started selling cigars from a kiosk in 1995. Marvin Samel joined him the following year, and both went on to establish Drew Estate.

The La Vieja Habana was the first line of cigars introduced by Drew Estate. The brand was sold from the kiosk located in the World Trade Center. This cigar is rich in tobacco and comes in a selection of wrappers, and is perfect for budget cigar smokers. Smokers can enjoy quality smoke with La Vieja Habana at affordable prices.

Soon, the founders shifted their operations to Nicaragua. Since then, they have started innovating with cigars and expanded their brands. The company owns over 15 brands offering a variety of cigars catering to a wide range of adult cigar consumers.

Drew Estate offers one of America’s most popular cigar brands - ACID. Along with this, it also introduced other brands like Liga Privada, Ambrosia, Liga Undercrown, My Uzi Weighs a Ton, and Herrera Esteli to name a few.

A Few of the Top Drew Estate Cigar Brands Include:

ACID Cigars

Drew Estate is credited with producing one of the unique cigars which are popularly known as ACID cigars. The tobaccos in these handmade cigars are cured in “Aroma rooms” rather than traditional curing barns. These rooms contain over 150 aromatic herbs, oils, and botanicals, which make these cigars flavorful and one of a kind.

Acid cigars

Drew Estate Legends

It seems as though Jonathan Drew never takes the familiar path when creating something new, and the Drew Estate Legend cigar reinforces the impression. When asked to create his version of the Legend series, all 5.75x54 cigars from top companies at rock-bottom prices, Drew didn't re-label an existing blend but dreamt up an entirely new recipe. The visionary result: Dominican Piloto tobacco paired with a luscious Nicaraguan filler, wrapped in a flawless Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, and infused using Drew's secret techniques.

Distinguished from its brothers by the "Copper Label" designation on the band, this Legend cigar gives off the aroma of butterscotch and during the draw there's a sweetness imparted to the lips to match. This sweetness fades once the stick is aflame, to be complemented by delectable cream and hazelnuts and amaretto. While the tastes are bold, at first the body is quite mild but as this treat caramelizes the strength builds to a soft medium with leather and Chai tea added to the torte-like layers of flavor. In a final feat that separates Drew Estate's infusions from lesser "flavored" cigars, you can nub this stogie without worrying about it turning bitter or artificial.


Herrera Esteli Cigars

Herrera Esteli offers a combination of flavors which include spice, cedar, and oak. The Herrera Esteli is another popular brand from the company with an award to its name. It earned the 8th position in Cigar Aficionado’s top 25 best cigars for the year 2013. The blend of the cigar was developed by a popular cigar blender during a demonstration for a job at the company in 2010. The person created three blends, and one of them became the blend for Herrera Esteli. The product made it to the market in 2013. After the success of the brand, Drew Estate added a new line to the existing brand, which goes by the name of Herrera Esteli Miami.


Today, Drew Estate owns one of the largest cigar factories in the entire region of Nicaragua and probably the largest in Central America as well. The La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate factory is also one of the world’s five largest handmade cigar factories producing approximately 95,000 cigars every day. It is spread across 114,000 sq ft of land, offering spectacular views of the valley and tobacco fields. Such scenic outdoors also make the factory a hub for tourism. Every year the company arranges Cigar Safari tourism that hosts 500-plus foreign tourists on its premises.

The difference between La Gran Fabrica and other cigar factories is its architecture and stunning interiors. A typical cigar manufacturing factory is simple and has a cube-like architecture. On the other hand, La Gran Fabrica has an attractive architecture, with handmade mural paintings dominating most of the interiors. Apart from great interiors, the factory boasts open working spaces as well.

Drew Estate is also known for its love for art and culture. The Subculture Studios, a division of Drew Estate, has Nicaraguan artists who have contributed mural paintings representing the Nicaraguan culture to the La Gran Fabrica factory. Apart from paintings, these artists also work on a wide range of items such as sneakers, ashtrays, cigar cases, cigar boxes, hats, and others.

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