About My Father Cigars Inc.

About My Father Cigars Inc.
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My Father Cigars

my-father-cigarsThere are stores, and then there are those special shops that officially sell only cigars. From a novice to a cigar aficionado, smoking a cigar can be an amazing experience. It may seem daunting to many, but for those who know their cigars, the experience is like drinking a great glass of wine for a wine expert. There is a niche market for cigars, but one which is growing by the day. In terms of the best cigars to buy, there are many brands to take your pick from, and some, like good Scotch whiskey, have been around for years.

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Starting Small

A saying that goes, "all great things come in small packages", is appropriate to introduce the advent of My Father Cigars Inc. The brand had a small beginning, and some may venture to call it "humble", in 2003. Jose Pepin Garcia, a Cuban, and his enthusiastic family created a tiny factory for cigar manufacturing in Little Havana, a neighborhood in Miami, Florida. Who knew then that the cigar of cigars would be born? Garcia and his family had a passion for cigars. They wanted to give cigar smokers around the globe a cigar that was both enthralling and affordable. Today, My Father Cigars Inc. has grown by leaps and bounds and is a benchmark for any good cigar on the planet.

The History

Jose Pepin Garcia was born in Cuba in 1950, and this is where his passionate cigar story begins. When Garcia was at the tender age of eleven, he sat at a rolling table for the very first time. What do you think the little boy did? He rolled his first cigar. The boy was spontaneously inspired, and coming from a family that evolved in the midst of tobacco, it's no wonder that cigars were his calling. Call it destiny or the glorious aroma of tobacco leaves that surrounded Garcia's childhood, the boy and cigars were tied together from the beginning.

A Dream Come True

If you visit the website of My Father Cigars Inc., you will come across a sweet quote that goes along the lines of Garcia himself talking about cigars being a lifelong passion. If cigar smokers all over the world consider the cigar something of an exclusive niche, then Garcia says that making cigars is akin to his dreams coming true.

Expanding the Line

In 2009, the cigar was at the forefront of Garcia's life when he opened a branch of his store in Nicaragua. This was not just a store, but a cigar complex! Called the Garcia Family Industrial Park, it houses some 300 cigar rollers. From small beginnings to being called "America's Hottest Cigar Maker" in 2009, Garcia has come a long way.

The Best Blends

My Father Cigars Inc., like many Hispanic family businesses, has grown over the years, and now, Garcia's children head the corporation. The best blends of the company are, like all superb cigars, aromatic and robust. The quality is unmistakably superior, with each cigar distinct in its richness, spice aura, and overall strength. Ultimately, the finish is heavy but gets you hooked. On the outside, each unique cigar is handcrafted to perfection with a meticulously designed wrapper. The finish is with a conventional triple cap that draws the attention of many seasoned cigar smokers.

Names You Should Know

In 2012, the award for the year's best cigar was given to Flor de Las Antillas. The manufacturing methods of Cuban cigar makers stand out from any other cigar makers. The following are some trademark cigar brands under the broad.


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