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Hurricane Dorian Advisory

Hurricane Dorian Advisory
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8/31/19 - 11:30AM ET

Hurricane Dorian is tracking further east so we may be spared the brunt of the storm!

Sat/Sun: Smoking Cigars!

Monday: Closed for Labor Day

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: Customer Service open via email. Phones to open later in the afternoon. Shipping to resume normal operations.

8/30/19 - 11:00AM ET

Please be advised that our offices will be closed starting on Monday, September 2nd due to Hurricane Dorian. We will gladly continue to take your orders online and ship them as soon as we are able to return to the office. We hope to be able to reopen normal business operations as quickly as possible.

The storm is supposed to hit us on Monday and depending on the severity of the storm and its damage we could be out for a few days.

Once we know more about our situation, we will update this blog post with our latest status.

Happy Smoking!

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