​How to Resolve Common Cigar Issues

​How to Resolve Common Cigar Issues
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How to Fix Your Cigar

Enjoying a fine cigar is a cherished pastime, but occasionally, mishaps can occur that affect your smoking experience. Whether it's a cracked wrapper, dryness, or uneven burn, these common problems can be frustrating. Fortunately, there are simple remedies for most issues that arise, ensuring you can still enjoy your smoke without worry.

First, Always Let Your Cigar Rest Before Smoking

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Resting a cigar refers to the practice of allowing the cigar to acclimate to its environment, particularly in a humidor, before being smoked. This period of rest allows the cigar to adjust to the humidity and temperature conditions of its storage, ensuring optimal smoking conditions and enhancing the overall smoking experience.

When cigars are manufactured, they undergo a series of processes, including rolling and aging, before being packaged and shipped to retailers or consumers. During this journey, cigars may be exposed to fluctuations in temperature and humidity, which can affect their flavor, burn, and construction.

Resting a cigar in a humidor provides a stable environment with controlled humidity and temperature levels, typically around 70% humidity and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Allowing the cigar to rest in these conditions helps it to achieve equilibrium, ensuring that it burns evenly and smoothly when smoked.

Additionally, resting allows the cigar to mellow and develop its flavors over time. Any residual tastes or harshness from the manufacturing process can dissipate during this period, resulting in a more refined and enjoyable smoking experience.

Fixing a Cracked / Unraveling Cigar Wrapper

A cracked or unraveling wrapper can occur due to dryness or mishandling. To repair it, you can apply a small amount of adhesive to reattach the wrapper. While cigar roller's glue is ideal, everyday items like lip balm, honey, or cola can serve as makeshift solutions. Apply the adhesive sparingly to the affected area, ensuring not to overdo it. Avoid returning the cigar to the humidor immediately after repair to prevent sticking to other cigars.

About Cigar Glue

Cigar glue, also known as pectin or vegetable gum, serves as a food-safe adhesive utilized primarily in the construction of premium cigars. Derived from plants, this adhesive is a vital tool for cigar rollers during the cigar-making process. Cigar glue serves as a handy tool to repair cracked or unraveling wrapper leaves. When a cigar's wrapper becomes damaged, such as cracking or splitting, a small amount of cigar glue can be applied to reattach the damaged portion, restoring the cigar's appearance and structural integrity.

Correcting Cigar Dryness

Cigars should ideally be stored at 65-70% relative humidity and 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain freshness. If a cigar feels dry and crackles when gently squeezed, it's likely too dry for smoking. Check your humidor's temperature and humidity levels, replenish the humidification unit if necessary, and gradually re-humidify the cigars over several days to prevent wrapper cracking.

Resolving Over-Humidification

Excessive humidity, above 72%, can cause cigars to become overly moist, leading to difficulties in smoking. To remedy this, temporarily remove the humidification unit from the humidor and slightly crack the lid to allow excess moisture to dissipate gradually. Additionally, consider letting the cigar sit out for a day to allow surplus moisture to evaporate before smoking.

Addressing a Plugged Cigar

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A plugged cigar, characterized by restricted airflow, can occur due to tight rolling. To alleviate this, gently pierce the foot or head of the cigar with a pin, paperclip, or cigar piercer to loosen the tobacco and improve the draw. If the plug persists, consider returning the cigar to the retailer for replacement.

Correcting Cigar Canoeing or Coning

Canoeing and coning refer to uneven burning patterns that can affect the cigar's flavor and smoking experience. To prevent canoeing, ensure the cigar is evenly lit and puff at a moderate pace to maintain consistent burning. In the case of coning, slow down your smoking pace and gently roll off any coned ash to encourage even burning.

Addressing Tunneling in a Cigar

Tunneling is a phenomenon where the interior filler tobaccos burn faster than the wrapper and binder leaves, resulting in uneven combustion. This can occur when drawing on the cigar too infrequently, allowing the filler tobaccos to continue burning while the wrapper and outer leaves lag behind. To remedy this, it's advisable to increase the frequency of puffing, ensuring all components burn at a similar rate. By maintaining a steady pace, the cigar's burn should even out. In cases where tunneling persists or becomes more severe, relighting the cigar and gently touching up the edges with a lighter may be necessary to encourage uniform combustion.

While encountering issues with your cigar can be frustrating, knowing how to address common problems ensures you can still enjoy a satisfying smoke. By following these simple fixes and maintaining proper storage conditions, you can minimize disruptions to your cigar experience and fully appreciate the flavors and aromas of your favorite cigars. So, the next time a hiccup arises during your smoking session, don't panic—just apply these remedies and continue to savor your cigar with confidence.

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