Cigar Pairing Guide - How to Pair Cigars and Drinks

 Cigar Pairing Guide - How to Pair Cigars and Drinks
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Cigar Pairing Guide

Do you fancy yourself as a connoisseur of fine cigars? Are you wondering what type of tobacco and drink pairings are best suited to enhance your cigar-smoking experience? This guide will provide all the insights needed to explore different cigar and beverage combinations that will tantalize your taste buds.

What drinks pair best with cigars?

Pairing drinks with cigars, rum, cognac, and bourbon is always the best bet. Opting for dark rum creates an ideal balance between the cigar's inherent sweetness and the rum's smoky finish.

Moreover, vintage cognac offers a distinct aroma that gradually unfolds as one smokes their cigar while avoiding complexity that can overwhelm the combination. As for bourbon, its copper hue brings out subtle notes of vanilla and caramel in full-bodied cigars that are divine when paired together. Read more about the best cigars to pair with your bourbon.

Why do cigars and whiskey go together?

Many aficionados of cigars and whiskey recognize the flavors they share when enjoyed together, which is why their combination has endured for generations. Cigars are naturally prone to certain notes such as leather, nuts, and spices - all of which can be found in many full-bodied whiskeys.

This similarity in flavor profile provides an excellent basis for pairing these two entities together. Whether one prefers a single malt or a rye whisky, pairing a cigar with a beverage providing similarly robust notes allows for an experience unlike any other. There is something truly special about enjoying an expertly paired cigar and whiskey that few other combinations can replicate. Read more about the best cigars to pair with your Irish Whiskey.

We like the Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro cigar with our whiskey:


Do cigars pair well with wine?


Of course! Cigars and dry wines have a special affinity, with the flavor profile of Cabernet Sauvignon providing an especially captivating flavor pairing. Carefully selecting the perfect cigar to complement your wine is essential; medium or full-bodied cigars work best alongside dry red varieties.

The combination of smoke and tannins creates complexities in taste that can be truly extraordinary. Savoring a great cigar matched with its ideal vintage can lead to a memorable and satisfying experience for any connoisseur.

- For white wines we recommend Mild or Mild-Medium-Bodied cigars. For Mild to Medium strength cigars, try our Newbie sampler.

- For red wines we recommend Medium to Full-Bodied cigars. For Medium-Full cigars, try out Next Level Sampler.

Do cigars pair with champagne?

Yes! Cigar and Champagne pairings are an exquisite combination, with the dry yet fruity notes of a fine Champagne perfectly complementing the smoky, earthy tones of a good cigar. While not all cigars go well with Champagne, many experts have found that mild-to-medium-strength cigars are particularly suited to this pairing.

Appreciating a cigar and a complimentary glass of Champagne may even be considered one of life's great indulgences for those interested in engaging their palate with more refined tastes.

Do cigars pair with coffee and tea?

Yes, this combination is optimal for those who prefer mild coffee to start the day. If robust flavors of coffee appeal, opt for a spicy cigar or one with strong undertones of pepper or nutmeg.

To further enhance the flavors of each, creamy cigars are complemented best by adding a hint of cream and sweet cigars with a bit of sugar. Read more about the best cigars to pair with your coffee.

Tea is an excellent alternative to coffee and provides an altogether different experience for various occasions. Whether enjoyed straight or with added flavors, black tea offers a distinctively tart taste that brightens heavier blends wonderfully. Light-bodied cigars, green tea, and milder oolong teas bring out their floral and sweet characteristics.

Rules for pairing cigars and drinks

- Cigar sommeliers know the importance of properly matched full-bodied and light-bodied cigars to drinks and beverages. In particular, Christian Schroff, cigar connoisseur, shares his advice on achieving balanced aroma perception - pair the dry, earthy cigars with the dry spirits and the light-bodied cigars with lighter spirits for optimum flavor.

- Choose a cigar and drink that pair well together. Generally, the body of each should be balanced. For instance, a light-bodied cigar would pair better with a light beer than a full-bodied red wine.

- Balance flavors by considering aroma, strength, and body when pairing cigars and drinks. For example, a fuller-bodied cigar with more complexity should be paired with a drink with similar properties, such as a single malt scotch or dark rum.

The concept of aligning aromatic intensity between drink and cigar is important, as neither should stand out too much from one another or be overpowered. Considering this pairing suggestion, patrons can enjoy a superior tasting experience rooted in a sophisticated balance between taste and aroma.

All in All

Now that you know the basics of cigar pairing, experiment with different combinations and find what you like best. Be sure to pay attention to both the cigars you're smoking and the drinks you're enjoying them with. And don't forget, have fun! Cigars are meant to be enjoyed, so kick back, relax, and enjoy finding your perfect smoke.

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