How To Define A Cigar's Strength

How To Define A Cigar's Strength
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How is the Strength of a Cigar Determined?

When people describe cigars, they usually talk about one of three things. They could be talking about the flavor of the cigar, about the body, or about the strength. The flavor is simple, it's essentially the flavors that enter your mouth when you smoke the cigar. The body of the cigar refers to the smoke that the cigar delivers. It details the texture as well as the sensation of the smoke, as it enters the mouth.

The strength of a cigar, on the other hand, refers to the amount of nicotine that's present in a cigar. There are three basic levels when it comes to the strength of a cigar.

Cigar Strength Pairing Guide Infographic

The Three Levels Of Strength In A Cigar

There are three basic levels when it comes to the strength of a cigar. These are mild, then medium, and finally full. Let's look at each of these levels in detail.

Mild - Bodied

When a cigar is mild, then this means that the smoke it delivers has little intensity when it comes to the flavor. It also means that the cigar has a thin body, and it doesn't coat the mouth. Finally, when it comes to the strength of the cigar, a mild cigar usually has very little nicotine content. The amount of nicotine in a mild cigar is undetectable. SHOP MILD CIGARS

Medium - Bodied

In a medium cigar, the flavor is moderately intense. The smoke that comes out of the cigar is able to coat the mouth lightly. When it comes to the strength of the cigar, this means that there is a moderate quantity of nicotine present in the cigar. The amount of nicotine in a medium cigar can be detected. SHOP MEDIUM CIGARS

Full - Bodied

In full cigars, the flavors present are highly intense. The smoke released from the cigar is usually dense as well as thick. This is capable of fully coating the mouth and leaving behind an aftertaste. With regards to how strong such a cigar is, the nicotine content is high. SHOP FULL CIGARS

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What Makes A Cigar Strong?

A common mistake that people make, when it comes to defining the strength of a cigar, is confusing it with the flavor or the body of the cigar. If a cigar is strong, then this means that the amount of nicotine present in it is more. A cigar that has more intense flavors is not a stronger cigar. It's simply a cigar that has more flavor.

The terms mild, moderate and full refer to not just the strength of the cigar, but also the body and the flavor. A cigar that has a mild flavor and a thin body can have mild strength as well. It's also possible to find mild flavored cigars that are fully loaded with nicotine. Such a cigar would have more strength, even if the flavor is less intense.

The more a tobacco plant is primed, the more intense the flavor will be. At the same time, the amount of nicotine will be higher as well. There are different kinds of tobacco that come with different levels of strength. There are cigars that are blended to have a higher nicotine content, to satisfy the needs of the consumer group that prefers it.

There are cigars that are made to showcase tobacco that is stronger. There are also cigars where high priming tobacco is used, in order to get a certain flavor profile. In such cases, the higher strength of the cigar is a consequence of trying to get a certain flavor.

Being Able To Tell How Strong A Cigar Is

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Being able to tell how strong a cigar is can be a subjective process. This is as people have different tolerance levels when it comes to how strong they want their cigar to be. You can however, make use of blend information, flavor notes, and information on physical impacts, in order to tell how strong a cigar is.

It's easiest to determine if a cigar is full strength, since you'll experience a lot of the physical impacts associated with smoking more nicotine. Mild and moderate strength cigars can be harder to tell apart. Medium strength cigars and mild strength cigars are easier to identify when the flavor and the body are either moderate or mild respectively, as well.


The strength of a cigar is the amount of nicotine that's present in the cigar. This is different from the flavor and the body of the cigar. A cigar with less flavor can have more nicotine. A cigar with moderate flavors and a thin body can also have a small amount of nicotine, making it a cigar with mild strength.

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