How to Cut the Perfect Cigar

How to Cut the Perfect Cigar
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Cigar Cutting 101

The relaxing world of premium cigars offers an old-world connection to a more organic form of leisure in today's 'always-online' world. Every level of cigar enthusiast, whether beginner or pro, would vouch for it. But before you can start smoking a cigar, there’s a critical step that many find daunting – cutting a cigar. What makes it more confusing are the endless choices for cigar shapes and sizes as well as cutting devices. A poor cut can ruin your smoking experience completely, while the perfect cut can enhance the enjoyment of this cherished pastime.

To help you navigate through this maze, we have assembled some pertinent information that offers insight and acts as an easy guide for the perfect cut.

Let’s start by knowing the different forms of cutters.

Choosing the Right Cigar Cutter

Cigar culture thrives on variety, which can be seen with the type of cutters too. Here are the most popular ones:

Guillotine cigar cutters: The guillotine makes a straight cut across the cigar’s head and is also known as a 'straight cutter’. This cutter type can be a single blade or a double blade. Compared to its single-blade brethren, double-blade cutters can deliver a more precise and neater cut to your cigars for an enhanced smoking experience.

V-Cutter: True to its name, V-cutters create a V-shaped cut on the cap end of the cigar. They are extremely precise, with small cuts that minimize the chance of loose cigar filler entering your mouth. For a V-cut, remember not to cut too deeply. Doing so could increase the draw too much and result in the cigar burning hotter than intended.

Punch Cutter: If you are a novice cigar smoker, a punch cutter has the potential to become your go-to option for the perfect cut. This cutter type simply cuts off a small portion of your favorite cigar's end cap while preventing the wrapper from unraveling. However, punch cutters are not ideal for small ring gauge cigars as they are too thin.

Cigar Scissors: When we say scissors, we don’t mean your regular scissors. There are special cigar-cutting scissors that are specially designed to get the best cut on your favorite cigar. High-quality, stainless-steel blades make this cigar-cutting ritual a seamless experience. A lower-quality blade can result in torn wrappers, poor cuts, and an unpleasant smoking experience.

Step-by-Step Guide to Cutting the Perfect Cigar

Locate the Cigar Cap

The cigar cap is the end piece that’s lightly glued on to support the wrapper in holding the cigar together. You only want to cut off the cap area. If you cut past the cap area, it will cut into the wrapper and lead to unraveling or tears. Look for a slightly rounded section of leaf to make your cut. It’s advisable to leave some of the cap and glue to prevent an unfortunate tear.

Moisten the Head of Your Cigar

You may have the best cigar cutting tools, but if the leaf is too dry, it can often crack during cutting and hamper a neat slice. One smart trick to combat this hiccup is to gently moisten the cap of your cigar in your mouth before cutting. It's not a prerequisite but can go a long way in ensuring a smoother cut.

Make the Cut

Once you choose a high-quality cutter of your choice, try to line it up with the cap end of your cigar as perfectly as possible. It should be no more than a few millimeters from the end. When done right, you will likely just need to squeeze the cigar cutter once for a perfectly cut cigar cap. So, be fast and decisive. If you end up taking too much time, you will end up ruining the quality of the cigar.

Pro Cigar Cutting Tip:

A true cigar aficionado will always keep their cutters sharp. So, ensure the blades of your cutter are not dull as they can get in the way of a perfect draw. If you are unable to sharpen the blade, it may be time for a replacement.

Cutting a cigar is a skill that gets better with practice. So, keep at it, and eventually, there will come a day when you can cut the perfect cigar with your eyes closed!

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