How Long Does It Take To Smoke A Cigar?

How Long Does It Take To Smoke A Cigar?
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Smoking Time

An important factor worth considering, when you're choosing which cigar to buy, is how long you have to finish smoking it. If you're smoking a cigar like a Churchill, then you'll need more than twenty minutes to finish smoking it. Otherwise, if you're smoking a cigar faster than you should, you could end up feeling sick.

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Handmade cigars that are of premium quality can burn for anywhere between fifteen minutes to two hours. How long it takes to burn depends on the length of the cigar, as well as its thickness. Smoking a cigar involves enjoying the flavor and the aroma, while relaxing. You shouldn't try to rush the process, as smoking too fast can be bad for your health.

If you're just getting started with smoking cigars, or in case you're not sure how long cigars are supposed to last, this guide should be able to help you.

Why The Size Of The Cigar Is Important

How long a particular cigar lasts, is directly related to how long in size it is. Say you buy a cigar that's around five inches long, and with a ring gauge of fifty. You can easily expect this cigar to last for up to forty five minutes. A cigar that's seven inches long, and with a ring gauge of forty nine, should be able to last for an hour.

You can find cigars that fall into the petite category as well, where the cigar is no longer than four inches. These cigars can last for around twenty minutes. This makes petite cigars a popular choice among people who live in colder regions, and want to enjoy a small smoke that can warm them up. There are smaller cigars available as well, such as cigarillos. These can be finished in as little as five to ten minutes. This is as tobacco that's dry-cured, is used in making cigarillos, which allows them to burn faster. Learn more about the best petite cigars

The Shape Of The Cigar

Aside from the size of the cigar, its shape should be considered as well. The shape that the cigar has affects how long it will last, as well as what kind of taste the cigar has. If a cigar is thicker, then it will burn slower than cigars that are thinner. Smaller, fatter cigars can be smoked for up to an hour.

When a cigar is longer, the smoke needs to travel a greater distance. As a result, the smoke can end up cooling before your palate is reached. This is why the taste of the cigar can be lighter when you start smoking the cigar. Until you reach about halfway through smoking the cigar, the smoke can feel cooler. Then, the taste will intensify as the smoke is closer to your palate.

For this reason, cigars that have shorter shapes become intense faster. The heat from the cigar is closer to your palate, in a shorter cigar. When you're choosing what size of cigar is best for you, think about how you want the flavor to intensify. Take care to smoke your cigar when you think you have enough time to truly enjoy smoking it, without needing to rush. Learn more about cigar shapes and sizes.

Why You Should Smoke More Slowly And Taste More

When you puff on your cigar rapidly, the cigar will end up burning hot. This can make the taste of the cigar bitter. This is why, between two puffs, you should take a break of about thirty seconds. This way, you can better enjoy the taste of the cigar on the palate.

When you smoke faster, you can get a buzz as well. Some people feel nauseous as a result of this buzz. This is why you should take time to slowly enjoy your cigar. Should you want to smoke your cigar for longer, then how the cigar was cut will matter as well. It's better to use either a punch cutter or a V-cutter to cut the cigar.

Once you start smoking, the ash will start to form on the foot of the cigar. When this ash gathers, it ends up insulating the cherry on the inside from being exposed to oxygen. This raises the temperature of a cigar that's been lit. When you let the ash gather until it has built up to an inch, then the taste of the cigar can be improved. This is as the smoke stays cool.


How long a cigar will last depends on various factors, such as the shape and size of the cigar. How you cut the cigar, as well as how you puff it, can also affect how long it lasts. This guide helps you learn everything you should know about making a cigar last longer. If you want to know more about cigars, then consider browsing Cigar Place today.

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